The Ultimate Battery Company recognised for a battery technology breakthrough

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At the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) 2023, the Ultimate Battery Company (UBC) announced its most recent victory in the defense manufacturing technology achievement award (DMTAA).

The US Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC) Project Office and The Ultimate Battery Company worked together as part of the DLA Battery Network (BATTNET) Program to develop and demonstrate that the use of a conductive polymer as the substrate (plate) in bipolar battery architecture constitutes an innovation in the production of lightweight, potent, durable, and long-cycle batteries at an extremely low cost.

This innovation was essential to replace the archaic lead-acid battery technology, which requires intricate manufacturing and has a short lifespan in terms of energy and cycle life.

This improvement has 10% more power, lowers procurement costs, increases operational capability, and reduces weight by more than 37%.

The Ultimate Battery Company recognised for a battery technology  breakthrough - Smart City Consultant

A significant advancement in battery technology

Prominent Lightweight Lead Polymer Bipolar Batteries for Military Vehicles, a ground-breaking project from The Ultimate Battery Company, has received recognition in the Supply Chain Improvement category. This is an important development in defense manufacturing technology and innovation.

This honor further demonstrates our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence in meeting the defense industry’s needs.

Malcolm Earp, the COO of UBC, traveled to Nashville to accept the honor on behalf of the business. He stated that his team had worked closely with important partners like DLA ManTech, Army GVSC Engineers, and the JMH Group to deliver a revolutionary battery technology that promises improved performance and reliability for defense applications.

“This award is a testament to the collective knowledge and commitment of our UK team and our technical partners based in the UK, Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg” he continued.

We are establishing our facility in Thurcroft, South Yorkshire, UK, in response to the DoD ManTech vision of a flexible, economically sustainable world-class manufacturing capability. “We are deeply honored to be acknowledged for our contributions.”

Duophasic battery technology from The Ultimate Battery Company

A major advancement in energy storage solutions is the branded Duophasic® Lead Carbon battery technology created by UBC. UBC has developed lighter and more small batteries using its exclusive ultra-conductive polymer plate technology, increasing their energy capacity in comparison to conventional lead acid batteries.

In the automotive industry, where lighter starter batteries can substantially reduce CO2 emissions, the end result is a product that addresses the continual issue of large and heavy energy storage by reducing material usage and, consequently, costs.

The patented MotoFLO® technology from UBC, which is based on the Duophasic® architecture, is poised to revolutionize the market, further enhancing the appeal of electric vehicles (EVs). With the help of “off- peak” pre-charged electrolytes as a washable fuel, this technology enables EVs to travel over 400 miles in just five minutes after recharging. This successfully overcomes the infrastructure limitations of the electricity grid and addresses range anxiety and charge time issues.

It serves as a catalyst for the shift away from fossil fuels and has the ability to speed up the transition to Online Zero by significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

According to Maurizio Cunningham-Brown, CEO of UBC:

“Our Duophasic® battery technology is not really a step; it’s an enormous leap towards more useful, safe, and effective battery tech. With MotoFLO®, we’re not really improving electric vehicles; with our work on cleaner air and a healthier planet, CO2 emissions are drastically reduced, and millions of people who have been afflicted by pollution-related diseases are spared. UBC reaffirms its commitment to advancing battery technology for the betterment of our defense forces, the professional markets, and the environment as we commemorate this milestone. We sincerely thank the JDMTP and everyone associated with the DMTAA for this honorable recognition.”

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