Crypto Quantique, ZARIOT, and Kigen Pioneer IoT SAFE Standard with Quantum-Safe SIM Security

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Crypto Quantique, ZARIOT, and Kigen Pioneer IoT SAFE Standard with Quantum-Safe SIM Security

Crypto Quantique, a UK-based company, ZARIOT from Luxembourg, and eSIM vendor Kigen based in Ireland have partnered to implement the GSMA’s IoT SAFE standard. This standard integrates a hardware root of trust using Quantum-Safe SIM Security. This alliance aims to revolutionize IoT connectivity by enhancing security throughout all stages of IoT device usage.

Introduced in 2021, IoT SAFE utilizes SIM technology as a standardized root of trust, ensuring the validation and authorization of IoT devices and safeguarding sensitive IoT data. This approach addresses modern security challenges by establishing a reliable foundation for crucial security functions. The SIM applet, developed as a JavaCard application, supports various SIM form factors, enabling widespread adoption across the industry.

Each partner plays a critical role: Kigen ensures full certification of SIMs under GSMA’s security schemes, while Crypto Quantique provides secure IoT management platforms like QuarkLink. ZARIOT integrates telecom network capabilities with IoT SAFE, promoting innovation and product security. This collaboration not only secures IoT devices but also facilitates seamless connectivity from device to cloud, supported by robust encryption and authentication mechanisms.

Crypto Quantique emphasizes end-to-end IoT security, collaborating with semiconductor vendors and OEMs to deliver comprehensive solutions. Their partnership with ZARIOT and Kigen extends the reach of secure IoT connectivity, setting new standards for Wi-Fi security through innovative eSIM technologies.

This initiative underscores the industry’s commitment to advancing IoT security through standardized, quantum-safe SIM solutions, ensuring reliable and protected IoT deployments worldwide.

Crypto Quantique, ZARIOT, and Kigen Pioneer IoT SAFE Standard with Quantum-Safe SIM Security

Crypto Quantique, a company based in the UK, ZARIOT, a company based in Luxembourg, and eSIM vendor Kigen, a company based in Ireland, have all agreed to implement the GSMA’s IoT SAFE standard to successfully use the hardware root of trust in a mobile hardware-based SIM with quantum-safe technology for the first time, according to them. The alliance more secures IoT connectivity, at all stages, and “radically changes the way enterprises can use SIM, eSIMs or iSIMs using quantum- secure technology.

IoT SAFE, which was introduced in 2021, enables IoT providers to use the mobile SIM as a standardized “root- of-trust” to validate and authorize IoT devices and safeguard IoT data. In the context of modern security, a common professional component that can be relied upon to carry out crucial security functions is a root of trust. The subscriber identity module (SIM), an integrated circuit that stores an international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) number and related authentication keys in cellular IoT devices, is the GSMA’s place of root of trust.

GSMA’s IoT SAFE Standard Revolutionizes SIM Security for Mobile IoT Devices

The SAFE in IoT SAFE stands for SIM applet for safe end-to-end communication, developed as a JavaCard application, it works with all SIM form factors, including natural SIMs, embedded SIMs (eSIMs), and integrated SIMs ( iSIMs). The goal is to have a common and regular security mechanism for mobile IoT devices across the entire industry, according to the GSMA, in order to strengthen the entire ecosystem.

A statement explained the alliance in terms of each partner’s role. Each SIM produced by Kigen is fully certified in both the management and production, according to the statement:” Every SIM produced by Kigen is fully certified in both the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme for UICC Production (SAS-UP) and the GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme for Subscription Management (SAS-SM). The inserted code baseline provided by Cryptopto Quantique can be deployed on a host microcontroller that makes use of the IoT-SAFE applet that is already installed on the SIM, enabling mobile IoT local access to their security technology for the first time.

Crypto Quantique, ZARIOT, and Kigen Elevate Mobile IoT Security with Hardware Root of Trust

” This enables a completely stable connection between the device, Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink IoT security management platform, and cloud service provider or data centre … ZARIOT… allows customers to utilise telecom network tools such as IoT- SAFEto innovate, build and secure innovative products. ZARIOT brings solution flexibility, security and complete support … by integrating both in- house and modern partner features in the SIM, transforming it into a safe, smart and independent processor”.

Crypto Quantique claims to offer “end-to-end” IoT security ( “from the design of the chip, to enabling a secure connection … to the cloud” ), and works with Semiconductor vendors like STMicroelectronics, Microchip, and Renesas as well as OEMs including Wurth Elektronik. Shahram Mossayebi, co- founder at the firm, said:” By using ZARIOT’s flexible connectivity tools, leveraging Kigen’s IoT- SAFE in a novel way on its qualified eSIM technology, we are able to provide mobile IoT devices with a hardware root- of- trust, greatly raising the standard of Wifi security.

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