MetTel and Dell Launch 5G PC-as-a-Service to Simplify Enterprise IT Management

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MetTel and Dell Launch 5G PC-as-a-Service to Simplify Enterprise IT Management

MetTel and Dell Technologies are enhancing their collaboration by launching a new PC-as-a-Service program, designed to simplify enterprise device management without compromising connectivity, performance, or security. This innovative service provides always-on connectivity for cross and mobile enterprise workforces, utilizing 5G-connected AI PCs to boost productivity. Max Silber, MetTel’s VP of Mobility and IoT, highlighted the goal of reducing IT complexity for enterprises, enabling employees to quickly access important applications through secure multi-factor authentication.

The new service ensures seamless mobility, allowing users to connect securely via 5G rather than unreliable Wi-Fi. At Dell Technologies World, new Copilot + AI PCs, featuring Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite platform, were showcased, including the Latitude 7455 with 5G connectivity and long battery life. Silber noted that cellular-connected computers are now readily available, aiming to provide smooth user experiences across public and private 5G networks.

Ken Byrnes from Dell emphasized the benefits of partnering with MetTel, citing their technological expertise and leadership. This PC-as-a-Service initiative is positioned as an ideal solution for enhancing enterprise capabilities and leveraging 5G-based monetization opportunities, driving forward the integration of advanced telecom networks.

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Expanding their partnership with Dell Technologies and MetTel to include PC-as-a-service that delivers end users with smooth electronic experiences

MetTel and Dell Technologies are launching a PC-as-a-service program to simplify device management without sacrificing connectivity, performance, or security, in a strong partnership anchored on managed network services for big enterprises and governmental agencies. Cross and mobile enterprise workforces can benefit from always-on connectivity while gaining the productivity boost provided by on-device generative AI with 5G-connected AI PCs.

Max Silber, the company’s vice president of mobility and IoT, stated that the company’s goal is to reduce enterprise IT complexity. On the PC-while-a-service offering, he said,” It sounds like it’s fairly easy to get something like a cellphone or a laptop out to a new employee, but it’s actually very complicated”

The goal, he explained, is to deliver users a laptop they can power on, go through a multi- factor authentication process, next begin using all of the important enterprise applications. In terms of mobility, he stated that” We do n’t want you to go to the airport and just getting on some random Wi-Fi; we want you to always be …accessing the network in a very secure way.” They’re now quickly routing over a 5G connection, which means that no matter where the user is at work, the company can maintain that enhanced security.

Dell and MetTel Partner to Enhance 5G-Connected AI PCs and Enterprise Device Management

During the recent Dell Technologies World, the company showcased a number of new Copilot + AI PCs using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite computing platform. The Latitude 7455, one of these models, has 5G connectivity and long-lasting battery life in a compact package.

Silber emphasized that cellular-connected computers are now” really available,” and MetTel’s goal is to collaborate with Dell to provide smooth user experiences across public and private 5G networks. ” We’re now really providing that online experience that we talk about”, he said.

Ken Byrnes, senior director of Dell’s Telecom Systems Business, cited MetTel’s technological prowess and organizational leadership as the benefits of working with them to “improve our enterprise customers ‘ capabilities and really build out the telecom networks.” On PC- since- a- service, and the role it can play in delivering fresh 5G- based monetization opportunities, he said,” This is the perfect solution to actually do this

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The collaboration between MetTel and Dell Technologies introduces a robust PC-as-a-Service program aimed at simplifying enterprise device management while ensuring seamless connectivity, performance, and security. By leveraging 5G-connected AI PCs, the initiative enhances productivity and provides secure, always-on connectivity for mobile workforces. The program, highlighted by the launch of advanced devices like the Latitude 7455, underscores the potential of 5G networks to transform enterprise IT operations. This partnership not only addresses IT complexities but also opens new monetization opportunities, demonstrating the strategic value of integrating advanced telecom networks in enterprise solutions.

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