Dracula Technologies adds energy storage facility to ambient IoT solution

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Introducing LAYERVault, a groundbreaking electric energy storage solution by Dracula Technologies, unveiled at CES in Las Vegas. This innovative technology combines low-light organic photovoltaic (OPV) energy harvesting with electrical storage on a flexible film, offering unparalleled energy autonomy for IoT and ultra-low-power products. With luminous flux as low as 100 lux, LAYERVault operates efficiently in dark venues, providing a green and cost-effective alternative to conventional batteries. Dracula Technologies aims to simplify IoT design and lower costs, offering LoRaWAN trackers printed onto adhesive stickers using specialized OPV ink. The energy storage layer complements Dracula’s existing OPV harvesting products, providing autonomy during periods without atmospheric light. Positioned to serve high-volume IoT customers, Dracula’s Green MicroPower Factory boasts inkjet printing technology and an annual production capacity of up to 150 million cm2 of OPV devices. Partnering with Semtech, LAYERVault sets the stage for smarter, more connected, and sustainable IoT solutions, revolutionizing battery-based electronics with eco-friendly energy autonomy.

Dracula Technologies adds energy storage facility to ambient IoT solution
Revolutionizing IoT Energy Storage: LAYERVault Unveiled – A Green and Sustainable Solution with Organic Photovoltaic Technology

A new electric energy storage solution called LAYERVault, developed by France-based Dracula Technologies for low-power IoT solutions, retains renewable power, drawn from light sources yet in dark venues, on a solitary flexible film. It works with the company’s current LAYER solution, which is being promoted as a bat-shaped renewable printout that can operate at 200 lux or perhaps as little as 100 Lux.

The new LAYERVault technology, which combines electrical storage with low-light organic photovoltaic (OPV) energy harvesting, was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas as a “first of its kind.” According to the company, it is a “green and cost-effective alternative to conventional batteries, enabling unparalleled energy autonomy for IoT and ultra-low-power products.”. This is a significant milestone for the IoT community.

D.T. claimed that it would simplify IoT design and lower unit costs. Depending on the required power output, Dracula has now created a LoRaWAN tracker that can be printed onto an 0.3mm adhesive sticker using specialized OPV ink on any size. It estimates that the LAYERVault addition also adds authentic energy storage capability. Check out the earlier RCR post for updates on both its development around and its production ramp-up.

LAYERVault’s OPV Technology Revolutionizes Energy Storage for Low-Light Environments

The luminous flux per unit area (lux), which measures illuminance, drops to 500 in warehouses or (“lights- out”) factories, where OPV technology draws power in the murkiest environments. As a point of comparison, exterior light is closer to 10,000 lux. The company has previously stated of its LoRaWAN tracker unit that the Dracula cell only requires a flash of dark light (as small as one lux, proper- which is almost entirely dark) to wake up and send out an alarm.

The new LAYERVault solution, according to CES, provides an “unlimited 100 % energy supply and storage based on organic materials without using rare earths or dangerous materials.” The energy storage layer, according to the statement,” complements Dracula’s current OPV harvesting product line, transforming it into a two-in-one product.” While the energy storage layer ensures autonomy by storing energy for power consumption during periods without atmospheric light, the OPV LAYER harvests atmospheric lighting for low-power devices.

Dracula’s LAYERVault Green Energy Solution for Sustainable Industrial and Consumer Applications

Dracula is focusing on IoT developers who are developing solutions for indoor industrial Internet, smart asset tracking, electronic shelf labels (ESL), and indoor consumer Internet of Things.

“We’re committed to revolutionizing battery-based electronics with a 100 % green energy source, said Brice Cruchon, CEO and founder of Dracula. In IoT deployments where getting rid of batteries is essential for long-term success, LAYERVault offers a true solution for eco-friendly energy autonomy, now demonstrating its value. We are prepared to produce up to 150 million cm2 of OPV devices annually and are positioned to serve high-volume IoT customers thanks to our innovative Green MicroPower Factory, the largest in Europe and a fully automated facility equipped with inkjet printing technology.

We are extremely excited to see the birth of modern IoT products and solutions combining LAYERVault from Dracula Technologies and the wireless connectivity chips supplied by Semtech, enabling a smarter, more connected, and more sustainable planet. This breakthrough, according to Robert Comanescu, senior director for marketing and applications at LoRa- owner Segtech.”

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