Revolutionizing IoT with STM32U0 MCU: Dracula Technologies and STMicro Battery-Free Energy Harvesting

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STM32U0 MCU Dracula Technologies LAYER OPV Battery-free IoT Energy harvesting

Explore the groundbreaking collaboration between STMicroelectronics ( STMicro ) and Dracula Technologies, an ambient IoT startup, driving innovation in the STM32U0 line of microcontrollers (MCUs). Witness the unveiling of Dracula’s LAYER OPV product showcased on the STM32U0 MCU at Embedded World, epitomizing the evolution of IoT sensors and connected devices. Delve into the transformative potential of Dracula’s prototype tracker, a mere 0.3mm adhesive sticker crafted with specialized OPV ink, revolutionizing low-cost, battery-free IoT solutions.

Discover the prowess of the OPV unit thriving in dimly lit environments, harnessing minimal lux levels to transmit signals, promising unparalleled stability in power consumption. Join the ST Partner Program and embark on a journey towards a battery-free future, leveraging domestic light for enduring micro-power devices. Witness the synergy between STMicro and Dracula as they pioneer energy harvesting solutions, epitomizing a shared commitment to innovation.

Explore Dracula Technologies’ latest breakthrough, LAYERVault, an electric energy storage solution unveiled at CES, heralding a new era in renewable energy retention. Embrace the future as Dracula Technologies scales production in a state-of-the-art facility in Valence, France, poised to deliver millions of square centimeters of organic photovoltaic (OPV) devices annually. Experience the convergence of technology and sustainability as we propel towards a smarter, greener future.

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STMicroelectronics and Dracula Technologies Unveil STM32U0 MCU Integrated with LAYER OPV for Battery-Free IoT

STMicroelectronics (STMicro) and ambient IoT startup Dracula Technologies are collaborating on the development of the STM32U0 line of microcontrollers (MCUs ). This week at Embedded World, the two European companies will display Dracula’s LAYER OPV product on the STM32U0 MCU. Dracula has joined STMicro’s ‘ partner program’ to formalise the partnership.

As shown in these pages through the back-end of 2023, Dracula has now created a prototype tracker that can be printed onto a 0. 3mm adhesive sticker on a typical inkjet printer using special OPV ink. For marketing purposes, it is presented as a bat- shaped photovoltaic printout ( see image ) that works at 200 lux, and even down to 100 lux. It is promoting the solution for low-cost, battery-free low-power IoT.

The OPV unit operates in dim lighting environments using a reference LoRaWAN module from Semtech and a TTI cloud stack. It draws power in the murkiest conditions, such as in warehouses or factories, where the luminous flux per unit area ( lux ), which measures illuminance, goes as low as 500. ( Outdoor light registers at closer to 10, 000 lux. ) Dracula claims that its cell simply requires a” as small as one lux,” according to the company, to wake up and send out a signal.

Implanted demo: the Dracula OPV cell and the ST MCU combined.

STMicroelectronics and Dracula Technologies Spearhead Battery-Free IoT with STM32U0 MCU Integration

Its new STMicro partner club membership aims to” streamline the development of end-to-end solutions, reducing product development efforts, and accelerating time to market,” according to the statement. It also mentions a “battery-free future by using external domestic light to create lasting micro-power devices.”, It added:” The initiative aligns with ST’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the ultra- minimal power segment”.

With the Dracula OPC cell, the STM32U0 achieves “unprecedented stable power consumption levels”, the two companies claimed. The unit is geared for applications in the business, medical, metering, and consumer markets. Thierry Bousquet, in charge of marketing for the STM32 line at STMicro, said: “]This ] demo marks a new era of energy- effective microcontroller units. Our aim … was to enable applications … for many self- controlled autonomous sensors”.

An illuminometer based on a single-panel OPV module that just requires 5 lux was featured in one of the demos at Embedded World. Bousquet said:” The STM32U0 will help design teams save energy and provide the optimum compromise between energy consumption, integrated features, and cost- effectiveness”.

Dracula Technologies and STMicroelectronics Forge Alliance to Drive Energy Harvesting Innovation in IoT

Jerome Vernet, vice president of sales at Dracula, said:” This collaboration represents the culmination of our near relationship and shared vision, resulting in strong synergies. We are thrilled to join the ST Partner Program to further advance the development of energy harvesting, and our decision to power this product is a major milestone.

In January, Dracula Technologies announced a new electric energy storage solution, called LAYERVault, which retains renewable power, drawn from light sources yet in dark venues, on a single versatile film. It works with the firm’s existing LAYER solution. A” first of its kind” LAYERVault, which combines low-light organic photovoltaic ( OPV ) energy harvesting, was presented at CES in Las Vegas.

The firm is in the process of ramping- up “high- volume” production ( in “early 2024″ ) at a fresh 2, 500 metre- flat bright factory, in Valence in southern France. The facility is to be fully automated, with capacity to produce up to” 150 million square centimetres” of organic photovoltaic ( OPV ) devices per year.

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