Netmore buys Objenious from Bouygues to bolster vision of pan-Europe LoRaWAN

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The acquisition of Bouygues Telecom’s LoRaWAN assets by Netmore Group signifies a pivotal development in the European IoT landscape. Leveraging LoRa technology, Netmore expands its footprint, bolstering its commitment to building robust IoT infrastructure across Europe. This strategic move aligns with Netmore’s vision of establishing a people-centric LoRaWAN network, fostering innovation and connectivity.

Transitioning IoT accounts from LoRaWAN to LTE-M and NB-IoT, Bouygues Telecom ensures continuity for existing clientele while facilitating Netmore’s integration of Objenious-branded infrastructure. Netmore’s dedication to seamless service provision encompasses essential aspects like network management, monitoring, and customer support, ensuring a smooth transition for customers.

With a focus on public infrastructure, Netmore’s expansion strategy encompasses multiple European countries, facilitating “coverage on demand” for large-scale IoT projects. Arnaud Delprat emphasizes the stability and long-term viability of LoRaWAN services in Europe, encouraging businesses across various sectors to explore connectivity solutions.

Ove Anebygd underscores France’s pivotal role in Netmore’s pan-European strategy, aiming to enhance connectivity and business opportunities continent-wide. Bernardo Cabrera anticipates significant benefits for Objenious customers through this partnership, fostering continued innovation and diversification in IoT technology.

“LoRa (from “long range”) is a physical proprietary radio communication technique.It is based on spread spectrum modulation techniques derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology.  It was developed by Cycleo, a company of Grenoble, France, and patented in 2014 (patent 9647718-B2. Cycleo was later acquired by Semtech.

LoRaWAN (Wide Area Network) defines the communication protocol and system architecture. LoRaWAN is an official standard of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), ITU-T Y.4480.  The continued development of the LoRaWAN protocol is managed by the open, non-profit LoRa Alliance, of which SemTech is a founding member.”  – from Wiki

Netmore Group Acquires Bouygues Telecom’s LoRaWAN Assets

In a recent development, Netmore Group, a Finnish IoT operator, has acquired the common LoRaWAN network assets of French operator Bouygues Telecom. This acquisition, facilitated by Polar Structure, Netmore’s parent company, includes the Objenious-branded LoRaWAN infrastructure that Bouygues had initially planned to shut down in 2024.

Since the beginning of 2023, Netmore has been actively building a new people-centric LoRaWAN network in France. This agreement with Bouygues not only provides them with an already-established network but also aligns with their goal of creating a robust IoT network based in Europe.

Transitioning IoT Accounts

In the meantime, Bouygues has been in the process of transferring IoT accounts to its LTE-M and NB-IoT mobile networks. However, the acquisition includes Objenious’ SPOT customer management portal, and Netmore has committed to ensuring continuity and a seamless experience for existing clientele. Netmore will take over the essential services provided by LoRaWAN in France, including network infrastructure management, monitoring, radio planning, maintenance, and customer support. Additionally, access to Netmore’s existing LoRaWAN roaming footprint in Europe will be extended to Objenious customers.

Expanding Infrastructure Focus

Back in 2021, Netmore acquired Nordic IoT Networks, a LoRaWAN operator, with a strategic focus on public infrastructure. Since then, they have either established or acquired open LoRaWAN networks in France, Sweden, the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Netmore’s operations also extend to Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and Finland, along with various roaming agreements. Netmore’s plan involves expanding its Objenious LoRaWAN base to offer “coverage on demand for large-scale IoT projects” in Europe, with long-term commitments.

According to Arnaud Delprat, managing director of Netmore Group in France, the European IoT market now has access to stable and long-term LoRaWAN services. They are actively engaging in discussions with current and prospective customers and partners, particularly in sectors such as utilities, resource management, smart building companies, and property owners. Delprat encourages more businesses to explore the connectivity solutions they provide.

Netmore acknowledges the invaluable collaboration with Bouygues Telecom and Objenious. They express their gratitude and look forward to advancing the LoRaWAN market in France for esteemed Objenious customers.

Ove Anebygd, CEO at Netmore Group, highlights their pan-European strategy, with France playing a pivotal role. This strategy aims to not only enhance connectivity but also expand the business reach of European partners, enabling them to capitalize on broader opportunities across the continent.

Positive Impact on LoRaWAN Customers

Bernardo Cabrera, director of the Objenious division at Bouygues Telecom, anticipates significant benefits for their LoRaWAN customers through this agreement with Netmore. They view Netmore as the ideal partner to advance their work in this field, given their proven track record with LoRaWAN technology across Europe.

In closing, the author mentions that Objenious will continue to diversify its technology portfolio. This expansion will include LTE-M, NB-IoT, 4G, and 5G technologies, which offer comparable use cases to LoRaWAN in the realm of IoT.

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