Schneider Electric develop first of its kind modular circuit protection range for UK

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Schneider Electric Acti9 Active Circuit Protection Solutions Electrical Safety Innovation Green Energy Efficiency Smart Connectivity Solutions
Schneider Electric Acti9 Active Circuit Protection Solutions Electrical Safety Innovation Green Energy Efficiency Smart Connectivity Solutions

Schneider Electric introduces Acti9 Active, a pioneering circuit protection range tailored for the UK market, marking a significant milestone in electrical safety innovation. Developed to address evolving environmental needs, Acti9 Active revolutionizes electrical installations in various settings including high-risk residential buildings, HMOs, office buildings, and care homes. This flexible and compact solution integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure, ensuring compliance with the Isopar P distribution board while offering state-of-the-art technology for superior protection.
Acti9 Active embodies Schneider Electric’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency. Its eco-friendly features, including energy-efficient components and end-of-life recyclability, contribute to a greener future without compromising on safety or performance. The product’s innovative design facilitates smart connectivity, enabling seamless integration with building management systems for enhanced monitoring and management.

Revolutionizing Electrical Safety Innovation with Acti9 Active

Acti9 Active, a flexible circuit protection range created by Schneider Electric for the UK market, is the first of its kind.

In order to meet the changing, green needs of electricians, facility managers, and design firms, Schneider Electric has revolutionized the future of electric installations across higher risk residential buildings, HMOs. Office Buildings and care homes. Acti9 Active is a flexible, compact circuit protection that integrates with your company and is compliant with the Isopar P distribution board.

The all-in-one circuit protection device is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology. Acti9 Active provides an excellent level of protection that has been created to meet the constantly expanding needs of contemporary businesses by integrating remaining current devices, miniature circuit breaker, AFDD, and over-voltage protection. With this product offer, Schneider Electric demonstrates its dedication to providing the electric infrastructure sectors with long-lasting, energy-efficient solutions.

Green Energy Efficiency Integration

Since its debut in 2012, Acit9 has played a significant role in assisting SMEs on their journey toward sustainability. Acti9 Active has now been developed with yet more eco-friendly features, more than ten years afterwards. The compact upgrade includes energy-efficient parts that lessen economic impact during manufacturing as well as through end-of-life recyclability. Businesses can drastically contribute to their green initiatives while supporting top-level electrical safety and distribution by choosing Acti9 Active.

Acti9 Active’s main qualities and advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency: incorporating energy-efficient technology to lower total energy consumption. The to-go web app EcoStruxureTM Power Monitoring Expert is essential for visualizing insights, notifications, and diagnostics of the Active Safety System.
  • Smart Connectivity: Acti9 Active’s compact design makes it simpler to integrate with current wise building solutions. Customers are given easy-to-understand data, trends, and notifications as a result of this, which also enables rural energy management and monitoring through the IoT connectivity.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Businesses can quickly lessen their impact by choosing an environmentally friendly product with end-of-life recyclability, which helps the round economy.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Acti9 offers cutting-edge circuit protection to guarantee the security of electronic installations and shorten downtime. Additionally, using fault detection software can reduce outages and any significant errors by lowering maintenance costs.

Acti9 Active is the first of its kind to enter the UK market, according to David Williams, vice president for contextual business at Schneider Electric. The product is evidence of Schneider Electric’s ongoing dedication to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation. Acti9 Active is more than just a circuit protection solution; it’s an investment made strategically by companies that want to go greener and more sustainably.

Acti9 Active becomes a crucial solution for those looking to make their operations greener and more environmentally friendly as businesses all over the world collaborate to prioritize sustainability. Schneider Electric is still dedicated to giving its customers access to cutting-edge goods that support the movement for a responsible future on the global scale.

With end-of-life recyclability and comprehensive circuit protection, Acti9 Active allows businesses to significantly reduce their environmental impact while ensuring top-level safety. This innovation underscores Schneider Electric’s commitment to sustainability, efficiency, and innovation, offering a strategic investment for companies striving to operate greener and more sustainably in the future.

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