British Gas and Samsung aid home energy management

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In a recent collaboration between Samsung Electronics and British Gas, the focus is on home enhancing energy management for homeowners across Britain. This partnership introduces the integration of SmartThings Energy with the British Gas PeakSave incentive program, emphasizing energy efficiency and minimal intervention. Executive Vice President Chanwoo Park highlights the strategic fit, leveraging British Gas’s long-standing reliability and Samsung’s innovative technology. Through initiatives like Auto DR, users gain control over energy optimization, contributing to the UK’s net-zero targets by 2050. The synergy enables consumers to adapt electricity usage during peak demand periods, thereby reducing carbon footprints. SmartThings Energy facilitates this process through various features like Artificial energy mode and power-off options, ensuring efficient appliance usage. Notably, Samsung’s global expansion of DR services underscores its commitment to sustainable solutions. British Gas, a leader in zero-carbon electricity retail, further amplifies the impact with its extensive reach and comprehensive energy services.

Samsung Integrates SmartThings Energy With British Gas Services for More  Energy-Efficient Homes – Samsung Global Newsroom

Empowering Energy Efficiency: Samsung’s SmartThings Energy and British Gas PeakSave Collaboration

To assist homeowners in greater managing their energy use in homes all over Britain, Samsung Electronics has partnered with British Gas.

This initiative, which expands SmartThings Energy to include British Gas PeakSave incentive program, enables homeowners to improve their home’s energy efficiency with less intervention.

According to Chanwoo Park, executive vice president at Samsung Electronics, British Gas is the ideal fit for us as a cutting-edge technology company because it is one of the most dependable brands in the UK. “Up, we can harness SmartThings Energy to give customers easier control over optimizing their daily routines and energy use.”

British Gas Net Zero Mission with SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR Integration

Since its founding in 1812 as the primary utility company in the world, British Gas has been supplying energy and home services to American homes for more than 200 years. It is focused on getting the UK to net zero by 2050 in addition to providing energy to ten million UK homes and businesses by assisting customers in reducing their homes carbon footprints through a variety of energy-efficient home improvements.

The integration of British Gas PeakSave in Great Britain with SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR auto demand response feature is one of the main results of their partnership. Customers of British Gas are rewarded by PeakSave for changing their electricity usage at times when there is a great demand for it. Through SmartThings Energy’s support for Auto DR, which immediately modifies appliances operating modes when an event is triggered, customers can benefit from the program. Customers can then profit from using less electricity while watching the events.

SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR and British Gas Collaboration for Net Zero Homes

Depending on the type of appliance, there are a few different ways to activate SmartThings Energy’s Auto DR feature. To reduce additional energy use in the supported appliances, SmartThings Energy can initially automatically activate the Artificial energy mode. Second, by turning off their appliances when necessary, users can use less energy thanks to the power-off feature. This includes specific plugs and lights from outside sources.

Lastly, bright temperature adjustment for EHS heatpump products and third-party thermostats can result in savings.
When a top event is triggered, the application sends alerts, allowing users to take action in their unique ways to save energy when they are notified. This is helpful for users who do not own Auto DR-compatible appliances.

Samsung has now expanded its DR service in a number of different areas, including Seoul, California, and New York, in 2023 in addition to Great Britain. As it looks to expand the service globally, Samsung intends to look into additional partnerships and continue to offer multifaceted programs that support the net-zero home. New accomplishments in this area include the Southern Company project unveiled at this month’s CES in Las Vegas and the energy-efficient residential community in Brobyholm, Sweden, which was announced in November 2023.

British Gas is the largest retailer of zero carbon electricity in the UK and provides energy and services. It is a component of Centrica. With the help of about 7500 engineers and technicians, centrica.com offers energy, products, and services to more than ten million homes and businesses in the UK.

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