UnaBiz helps StorHub achieve Leed certification

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UnaBiz, the owner of Sigfox, is assisting the StorHub self-storage company in obtaining Leed v4.1 operation and maintenance certification for its Singaporean facilities.

StorHub is on track to obtain Leed v4.1 certification for the largest collection of self-storage facilities in Singapore after achieving certification in Arc Skoru ( arcskoru.com ).

The certification was achieved by StorHub in collaboration with GreenA Consultants and UnaBiz, signaling the start of the company’s efforts to clean certify its portfolio of properties in the area, including those in Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia.

A nationally recognized indicator of sustainability success is the Leed certification.

Advancing Sustainability Through Collaborative Innovation: A Case Study in Leed v4.1 Certification and Arc Skoru Integration

GreenA Consultants ( www.greenaconsultants.com ) is a green building consultant that examines various methods for reducing energy and offers digital-led smart enabling options to promote energy optimization. A wise included facilities management operation across the world portfolio should be made possible by this.

Along with energy emissions, all developments aim to improve water, waste, and indoor air quality. Understanding coming improvements required and reducing emissions depends on smart monitoring. A roof garden and hydroponics are two additional sustainability initiatives.

UnaBiz developed a connected ecosystem that gathers detailed electrical and water consumption data as well as indoor air quality metrics using Milesight’s LoRaWan-certified nine-in-one indoor Air quality sensors in all 18 StorHub properties in Singapore by utilizing its expertise in digitalization and IoT.

StorHub’s progression to become the largest Leed-certified portfolio of self-storage buildings in Singapore and the first to integrate various sites with the Arc Skoru performance platform, a sustainability reporting tool to measure the LEd impact of StORHuB’S sustainability efforts, was aided by GreenA Consultants. By implementing different sustainable practices in accordance with Led certification.

The project was finished in two phases thanks to a wireless retrofit, with swift installation turnaround times and no need for an expensive infrastructure overhaul. The environmental and utility consumption information needed for Leed certification was therefore easily incorporated into a tool for reporting sustainability.

Singapore’s commitment to climate sustainability is actively supported by StorHub. StorHub has obtained a$ 180 million sustainability-linked loan from CIMB and UOB to support the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Driving Sustainable Growth Through Collaborative Innovation and Digitalization: A Case Study with StorHub, GreenA Consultants, and UnaBiz

According to Mike Hagbeck, group CEO of StorHub,”We believe in the ability of collaboration and innovation to drive measurable sustainability goals. We are dedicated to incorporating ESG principles into all of our Asia Pacific facilities.” By collaborating with GreenA Consultants and UnaBiz, we are able to organize our sustainability initiatives, gather trustworthy and correct data for compliance with reporting standards like Leed, and build self-storage facilities that benefit our clients, investors, partners, communities, as well as a greener environment.

Older partner at GreenA Consultants Farizan d’Avezac de Moran added “StorHub’s leadership commitment to sustainability and modern practices has enabled us to push ahead with the implementation across multiple assets in the most cost-effective and successful manner. StorHub, the largest owner of self-storage assets, has demonstrated a broad commitment to sustainability beyond energy and has taken significant cultural and governance action.

“We are glad to be a part of this historic project, which demonstrates the potential of digitalization and IoT technologies in promoting sustainability” said Jonathan Tan, managing director of UnaBiz in Singapore.

StorHub is able to gather fit-for-purpose data that can be benchmarked for sustainability reporting and natural certifications thanks to GreenA’s expertise in implementing sustainable practices for net-zero and net-positive energy buildings and the end-to-end IoT offered by UnaBiz.

Driving Global Sustainability Through Collaborative Innovation

StorHub was established in Singapore in 2003 ( www. storhub.com. More than 70,000 storage units are owned and operated by sg ) in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea.

GreenA Consultants, based in Singapore, was established in 2009 with the goal of achieving decarbonation goals by balancing business sustainability goals with environmental engineering objectives. Its project portfolio includes work in both Asia and Africa.

A significant IoT service provider, unabiz.com, specializes in design, manufacturing, connectivity, and data platform services using a combination of low-power wide-area ( LPWA ) technologies like Sigfox 0G, LTE-M, NBT (IoE), and LoRaWan. The business, which was established in 2016, has its headquarters in Singapore and has sales offices in Tokyo, Paris, Madrid, and the Netherlands in addition to centers in Taipei and France.

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