Eden Grow Systems Brings Vertical Farming to Downtown Houston

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Eden Grow Systems, a NASA spinoff, today announced a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held to celebrate a new lateral indoor farm location featuring Eden Grow Towers in the Niels Esperson Building, a historic landmark in Downtown Houston. Available by Houston’s famous downtown tunnels, this fresh vertical farm installation will allow Eden Grow Systems to better acquaint people with its groundbreaking AgTech and expand its mission to create self- reliance for families and communities where fresh food is not easily available.

The ribbon cutting ceremony has been held on Saturday, January 27th at 808 Travis St.
Lateral farms will be on display and Eden Grow Systems leadership will be on hand to discuss its technology, its potential for the future and how building residents will be growing their own food.

“Esperson aims to be a ‘Vertical Entrepreneurial Village’ where wealth creators live, work and play. In that context, we have teamed up with Eden Grow Systems to become a horizontal indoor farm where our people grow their own food on every floor of our building”, said Dougal Cameron, Manager of the Esperson Building. “With industrial actual-estate continuing to suffer in most major metropolitan areas Eden is pioneering a new and innovative way of taking these spaces and breathing new life into them. We see a future where every underused space can be transformed in prosperous farms, creating new jobs, better food security, and a healthier way of growing for our planet. This is the future, and we are excited to be a part of it”.

“Eden Grow Systems is ecstatic to be at the heart of Esperson’s Vertical Entrepreneurial Village and our horizontal farms are leading the way with affordable, fresh wholesome food that building residents can take advantage of year- round”, said Bart Womack, Founder and CEO, Eden Grow Systems. “Any interior space with temperature controls and electricity can accommodate our Grow Towers. We are excited to see our technology footprint expand as our towers require minimum skill to operate, and reveal the beauty of cultivating plants for food, therapeutic purposes, and for learning how to be food separate. We look forward to being in the middle of Houston and educating people about our technology. This is the beginning of a new era in Houston, where we take professional spaces being neglected and bring new life and profitability to their owners and the community”.

Eden Grow Systems announced the launch of a regulation crowdfunding campaign for the company’s modern technology. Eden Grow Systems ‘ available crowdfunding campaign is providing investors with the opportunity to own a stake in the company’s future. Eden’s flexible farming systems are empowering individuals, families, and businesses to innovate local food production that will allow them to quickly grow their own food, wherever they are.

About Eden Grow Systems

Eden Grow Systems is feeding the future by creating subsequent-generation flexible farming and survival systems. The Houston, Texas-based business adapts NASA technology and brings cutting-edge science into your home or in business settings.

The Genesis System of the company provides adequate food, water, power, and fuel to sustain a family of four eternally by fusing aquaponics and aeropower. Every family is now able to become fully independent when it comes to finding food thanks to this. The Eden Grow Tower, the primary component of that system, grows a wide range of crops in addition to fish for protein. The Eden Grow Tower is small but powerful; it can be easily scaled for big grow operations and fits in a kitchen pantry.

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