USA: GridPoint optimises HVAC in Panda Express outlets

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Panda Express, the prominent Asian dining chain with over 2500 locations across the USA, is embarking on a sustainability journey through a strategic partnership with GridPoint, a Virginia-based tech company specializing in decarbonizing commercial buildings. By implementing GridPoint’s HVAC system, Panda Express aims to optimize energy consumption, reduce costs, and maintain optimal temperatures across its restaurants year-round. James Ku, Chief Development Officer at Panda Restaurant Group, emphasizes the data-driven approach to achieve energy efficiency and cost savings, enabling the company to focus on delivering exceptional dining experiences while prioritizing employee and guest comfort. GridPoint’s intelligent building technology, deployed after a successful pilot program, empowers Panda Express to manage HVAC and lighting systems efficiently, providing real-time insights and driving measurable emissions reductions. Mark Danzenbaker, CEO of GridPoint, underscores the significance of Panda Express’s commitment to innovation and customer service in embracing sustainable energy solutions. This collaboration marks a significant step towards achieving global energy goals and advancing grid modernization through intelligent building networks.

GridPoint optimises HVAC in Panda Express outlets - IoT M2M Council

Panda Express Partners with GridPoint for Data-Driven Decarbonization and Sustainable Energy Management

In the USA, the 2500 locations of the Eastern restaurant chain Panda Express are implementing GridPoint’s HVAC system.

The largest Asian dining concept in the USA has joined forces with Virginia-based GridPoint, a tech company that decarbonizes commercial buildings and speeds up the switch to sustainable energy.

In order to optimize energy consumption, lower energy costs, and guarantee that all restaurants remain at a comfortable temperature for its customers and staff throughout various climate conditions year-round, Panda Express will deploy GridPoint Intelligence to all US locations over the course of the subsequent 18 months. The company has nearly 2500 locations and 50’000 employees.

According to James Ku, chief development officer at Panda Restaurant Group,” We have sought to deliver data-driven insights, automated energy efficiency, and immediate savings by monitoring and controlling energy consumption within our facilities in actual time. We are excited to partner with GridPoint to roll out their energy management system across our store portfolio.” The goal of “enhancing our buildings in this way frees up time and resources for our associates to continue prioritizing our core mission, which is to provide our guests with excellent dining experiences.

GridPoint’s Energy Intelligence Revolutionizes Panda Express: A Leap towards Sustainable Operations

Following a 200-store pilot that produced quantifiable energy cost savings and decreased CO2 emissions, Panda Express has deployed GridPoint’s intelligent building technology platform to all US locations. With nearly 2500 locations across the USA, GridPoint Intelligence positions Panda to optimize energy usages, especially during peak periods that will affect the comfort of its customers and employees. It automates crucial building functions and constantly manages energy operations within each location.

According to Mark Danzenbaker, CEO of GridPoint, the company was established 20 years ago with the goal of hastening the world’s transition to a responsible energy future. We have long admired Panda Express ‘ dedication to ongoing innovation and top-notch customer service. Panda made the decision to implement GridPoint across all of its restaurants, which is even more significant because they prioritized the needs of their employees and patrons. A technology-driven approach is needed to maximize energy efficiency and decarbonize difficult commercial buildings. We are particularly pleased to collaborate with Panda to address worldwide energy goals one building, guest, and associate at a time.

GridPoint Intelligence operations

GridPoint Intelligence for Panda Express will manage all in-store HVAC and lighting at all US locations and give facility managers real-time administrative and economic performance, resulting in a reportable emissions offset.

GridPoint Intelligence leverages data analytics, algorithms, and brilliant automation to provide visibility into complex building operations, optimize energy consumption and cost, automated decarbonization, improve resiliency. It offers a full range of asset monitoring, testing, reporting, control capabilities across savage energy profiles and carbon footprints. In North America, gridPoint intelligence has been used in more than 20,000 industrial buildings across numerous industries.

The wise building technology platform of GridPoint enables the synchronization of energy demand and supply behind-the-meter to optimize energy consumption and support sustainability goals for businesses and utilities by connecting energy grids with distributed energy resources.

Buildings with GridPoint Intelligence can combine the dependable and quick capacity that energy grids are exceedingly needing when they are networked together. The GridPoint ( http ://www. Grid modernization and the quickening of the transition to sustainable energy are being driven by the intelligent energy network of buildings ( gridpoint.com ).

Panda Express ( pandaexpress.com ), which has been family-owned and run since 1983 by co-founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng, is best known for developing a wide range of market-first recipes, including its top-selling Original Orange Chicken and Honey Walnut Shrimp.

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