Madrid is able to verify and certify the carbon footprint of its public transport

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In order for Europe to achieve climate neutrality, it is essential to have the ability to measure and monitor carbon emissions from transportation. Cities and regions are implementing cutting-edge measures to reduce dependence on polluting vehicles, many of which are part of the European Commission’s Climate Neutral and Smart Cities Mission. However, comprehending the effects of these measures is often difficult and costly.

As a result, the Colonial capital’s transportation company, EMT Madrid, has the capability to calculate, verify, and certify the direct and indirect carbon emissions of its operations andnbsp, which is crucial for the city to pursue more sustainable urban mobility.

The delegate for Urban Planning, Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, stated that” Today  EMT reaches another milestone on its path towards decarbonization, an objective in line with the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy and the Strategic Plan that sets the course of the organization until 2025.”

Scope 1 emissions( direct emissions from the company’s own and controlled sources ) and scope 2 emissions, which are emissions produced indirectly by energy that the organization purchases, have been taken into account by The & nbsp when calculating and verifying the emissions of the business. These emissions come from sources that are not owned by the firm, such as customers, suppliers, commuting, or waste disposal.

Calculation, verification, and this & nbsp all offer crucial data for developing emission-reduction strategies. The analysis of the data makes it possible to determine the need for action, which enables the creation of a reduction plan with the necessary actions. The estimation of the reduction that these measures should achieve is even made possible by the carbon assessment methodology. The Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge will provide the carbon footprint calculation seal for this step. The provincial company’s next move will be to meet the predetermined reduction targets.

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