Aalborg pilots a rural bike-sharing service

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Denmark has a thriving cycling culture and great directional cycling shares thanks to its investments in cycling and its high levels of take-up. Due to the longer distances that most journeys cover and the lack of bicycle-specific infrastructure that, rural areas are lagging behind. This achievement is primarily visible in Norwegian cities.

In nine villages on the Aalborg municipality’s territory, a pilot project is looking into how bicycle sharing services in rural areas might encourage the adoption of cycling and other green mobility modes. An electronic bicycle sharing service that was scheduled to last for eight months began in the villages of Ajstrup and Tylstrupe in October 2023. Residents can make online reservations for electronic city bikes, mountain bikes or nbsp, cargo bikes for one day, one week, or up to two weeks. To make sure the bikes are correctly maintained, the fees for using them are used. Users simply need to make sure the batteries are fully charged.

Some people who work and live in Aalborg in the villages in question experience congestion on their commutes to work during peak hours. The e-bikes should take the place of some car use or serve as a feeder for common transportation, assisting in the reduction of traffic congestion and the development of more mobility options for all types of trips.

The experiment with e-bike sharing will be expanded to the other seven villages that will participate in the pilot after the initial pilot & nbsp phase, which was completed by the first two villages, was finished.

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