UK startups raise $12B venture capital funding

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In the UK between January and October 2023, a total of 1, 098 venture capital (VC ) funding deals worth$ 12 billion were announced. According to GlobalData, deal volume and value have decreased year over year ( YoY ) compared to the VC funding activity registered between January and October 2022.

According to a review of GlobalData’s Financial Deals Database&nbsp, the volume of VC deals decreased by 26 % between January and October 2023 compared to the 1, 483 deals that were announced during that time in 2022. In the meantime, between January and October 2022, the corresponding disclosed funding value decreased by 43.6 % YoY from$ 21.22 billion.

Although the UK saw a significant decline in VC funding activity in 2023, it was still one of the few select nations that was able to surpass$ 10 billion in the total value of all venture capital deals between January and October, according to Aurojyoti Bose, Lead Analyst at GlobalData. In addition to being the best German market for venture capital funding, the UK is also one of the world’s top five markets for deals, both in terms of volume and value.

6.5 % of the total number of VC funding announcements made internationally between January and October 2023 came from the UK. Its portion of the total disclosed funding value, however, was 5.9 %.

In the UK between January and October 2023, a number of notable venture capital funding agreements were announced, including$ 623 million raised by Conigital,$ 602 million by Abound,$ 367.7 million in funding from Spendology, and$ 250 million secured by Builder. ai,$ 250 million raised by EToro,$ 2266.5 million by Apollo Therapeutics,$ 140 million from Oxbotica,$ 136 million to Raylo Group, and$ 100 million secured by ZYBER 365.

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