Driving Industry Transformation: Google Cloud, Metavision, and Tencent Cloud Forge Strategic Partnership for Immersive AI-Driven Interactive Technologies

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Google Cloud and Metavision have forged a strategic partnership, marking a significant milestone in the realm of interactive technologies and AI integration. This collaboration underscores Google Cloud’s commitment to bolstering critical infrastructure while providing advanced AI solutions. With an emphasis on immersive experiences and cutting-edge AI, the partnership aims to revolutionize industries like XR applications, smart geographical interaction, and e-commerce cloud exhibitions. Leveraging Google Cloud’s extensive global infrastructure and Metavision’s expertise in 3D virtual reality applications, the collaboration promises to deliver unparalleled interactive experiences. Additionally, Tencent Cloud‘s involvement in providing secure IaaS capabilities and innovative AI support further enhances the partnership’s capabilities. By harnessing the power of AI-generated content solutions and real-time interactive technologies, both companies are poised to lead industry transformation and pave the way for the metaverse industry’s growth.

Google Cloud and Metavision Forge Strategic Partnership to Drive Industry Transformation in XR and AI Integration

Google Cloud has announced a strategic partnership with Metavision. Through the deep integration of technologies, the partnership aims to expand cooperation in interactive interactive spaces and AI technology worldwide.

Google Cloud will support critical infrastructure and give users access to cutting-edge technologies like AI capabilities like AI-generated content solutions.  These technological solutions will assist Metavision in expanding its international business operations, especially in XR applications, smart geographical interaction, 5G international e- sports live streaming, and e- commerce cloud exhibitions.

Google Cloud’s Vice President Xu Yiming stated that the company is looking ahead to fully utilizing its worldwide capabilities, audio and video capabilities, and modern advantages in the field of AI to help Metavision explore and create more immersive 3D visible interactive experiences.

Google Cloud has data centers in 26 real regions and 70 availability zones worldwide. It offers clients international technologies and services in cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence.

Tencent Cloud and Metavision Partner to Revolutionize Immersive Experiences with AI Integration and Interactive Technologies

Based on its self-developed modern space integration interaction, 3D engaging display, and AIGC technologies, Metavision, which was founded in 2021, mainly provides 3D engaging virtual reality application services to clients.

Through the partnership, Tencent Cloud will provide versatile, safe, and trusted IaaS underlying capabilities to support Metavision in building infrastructure foundations for its systems, such as Fox Engine. However, Tencent Cloud will also provide 3D space modelling capabilities in support of Metavision’s construction of interactive spaces. Additionally, the TNC AI Digital Human will work with Metavision to create cartoon avatars for participants and provide AI support for engaging conferences and multi-user scenarios, including XR. Also, Tencent Cloud will provide super- low latency actual- time interaction for worldwide users of Metavision’s immersive spatial intelligent interaction through its real- time audio and video capabilities, streaming media transmission and chat capabilities.

Empowering Immersive Experiences: Google Cloud and Metavision for AI-Driven Industry Transformation

With an emphasis on engaging interactive environments and AI empowerment, our strategic partnership with Google Cloud will allow both parties to leverage both of our technological advantages in 3D visible interaction and artificial intelligence.

Lo Chi Sum. ” We aim to create destructive solutions, accelerate the implementation of 3D virtual applications, lead industry transformation, create new boundaries for virtual reality interactive experiences, empower online upgrades in various industries, and simultaneously build a new ecosystem for the metaverse industry”.

In terms of unnatural intelligence, Google Cloud will use the partnership to leverage its AI capabilities, including its involuntary speech recognition technology, text- to- speech technology, and other AI- generated content solutions, to assist Metavision in meeting the needs of human- machine interaction and industrial AI quality inspection.

Tencent Introduces 'Immersive Convergence' to Drive Connections Between  Digital and Real Worlds - Tencent 腾讯

Conclusions: Strategic Partnerships for Immersive AI-Driven Interactive Technologies

The strategic partnership between Google Cloud and Metavision signifies a significant advancement in interactive technologies and AI integration. Leveraging Google Cloud’s global infrastructure and Metavision’s expertise in 3D virtual reality applications, the collaboration promises to deliver unparalleled immersive experiences. With Tencent Cloud’s involvement providing secure IaaS capabilities and innovative AI support, the partnership’s capabilities are further enhanced. Together, they are poised to lead industry transformation and drive growth in the metaverse industry, revolutionizing various sectors through cutting-edge interactive solutions and AI-powered innovations.

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