STC Group and Celona’s Groundbreaking Partnership: Driving Private 5G Revolution in the Middle East

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Celona, in partnership with STC (Saudi Telecommunication Company) Group, has secured a groundbreaking contract for private 5G deployment. This strategic collaboration aims to revolutionize various sectors, including mining, manufacturing, and logistics, leveraging Celona’s advanced 5G infrastructure. At LEAP 2024 in Riyadh, Celona showcased its cutting-edge 5G system, highlighting its potential in enhancing safety, security, and monitoring applications. The agreement signifies a significant milestone in the realm of IoT-driven enterprise transformation, as STC integrates Celona’s system with its cloud services and cybersecurity solutions. Mehmet Yavuz, co-founder, and CTO of Celona emphasized the business-oriented approach of the partnership, catering to the escalating demand for reliable wireless connectivity and seamless IoT integration. This collaboration underscores STC’s commitment to driving digital transformation, aligning with its vision to establish Saudi Arabia as a regional IoT hub. Joining forces with industry giants like Nokia and Microsoft further reinforces STC’s dedication to fostering technological innovation and empowering its customers with cutting-edge solutions.

STC Group and Celona Forge Ahead with Private 5G in the Middle East

With STC ( Saudi Telecommunication Company ) Group in the Middle East, Celona has a contract for private 5G. The operator will use Celona’s 5G system to stand- up its electric- change sales in the mining, manufacturing, and logistics sectors. The pair had a “full- scale” automated guided vehicle ( AGV ) system running on 5G in a criticized- up warehouse at LEAP 2024 in Riyadh in March.

At LEAP 2024, the agreement was signed. Celona was featured as the 5G system behind STC’s related mines, factories, and ports displays, besides. The showcase included a range of control applications, including for safety and security, monitoring, and intrusion detection, as well as how secret 5G can be used for backhaul for satellite connections in rural environments. &nbsp,

The Saudi company will integrate the Celona system with its regional enterprise customers ‘ cloud services, IoT solutions, and cybersecurity proposition. It will combine the two companies ‘ individual enterprise solutions for secret 5G connectivity and electronic- change, according to Celona, calling it a “milestone” agreement.

Advancing Business-Oriented Private Networks for Smart City IoT Applications

Mehmet Yavuz, co- founder and chief technology officer at Celona, said:” The cooperative offer will present a business- oriented approach to personal networks, designed to meet the increasing demand for reliable wireless capabilities, extensive coverage, and seamless connectivity essential for network- dependent business applications and IoT systems”.

There was not much more to say about the deal. As late as March, STC was working with Finnish company Nokia, which is still the main target for Celona and is still the leading provider of personal mobile. According to what they said at the time, STC and Nokia tested private 5G using cloud-native opened RAN. STC is focused on “open, virtualised, accommodating, and interoperable” personal networks, they stated.

The Nokia trial was hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Operator Nexus cloud platform. Our collaboration with Nokia and Microsoft, according to STC, “underlines our commitment to driving online transformation and enabling our customers to fully exploit advanced technologies as part of our R&amp, D development with our partners and hyperscalers.”

stc group launches the biggest-ever expansion of the 5G network

Private 5G Partnerships in the Middle East Drive IoT and AI Integration for Smart City Development

There is no suggestion, then, the deal with Celona is unique. Nokia made a parallel agreement with Middle Eastern operator Ooredoo Group yesterday ( April 30 ) to work on private 5G, this time with an emphasis on enterprise transformation with industrial IoT and AI, and so on. There is no word that that deal is unique, either. &nbsp,

In order to make Saudi Arabia a local hub for the Middle East and North Africa’s IoT-driven enterprise transformation, STC and Saudi Arabia signed a joint venture agreement with the Public Investment Fund to form a fresh IoT company in 2022. It has a deal, from 2021, with Sensoneo to provide bright waste management in the region, based on acoustic NB- IoT sensors.

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