Australian Govt releases RFT for mobile coverage audit

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To carry out an impartial AU$ 20 million nationwide audit to find gaps in smart coverage, the federal government has issued a call for bids.


Releasing the RFT on Tuesday, Australian communications minister Judith Rowland said it was anticipated the audit would be delivered via a modular approach.

She stated that this will consist of a pilot-based first proof of concept followed by an extensive major audit.

” The department is also looking for current and more portable coverage data, such as data from various audits or crowd-sourced data.”

According to her, the Audit aims to make use of Australia Post’s infrastructure and assets in addition to various alliances and strategies.

The RFT comes in response to a Request for Information ( RFI ) that was released in June and that details the proposed audit scope and methodology, as well as suggested auditing routes and locations.

She cited the audit as a significant turning point in the government’s efforts to enhance coverage nationwide.

The minister stated in a statement that” this tender is another crucial step in providing the wireless coverage audit in the way that best supports our Better Connectivity Plan for Regional and Rural Australia.”

This audit will assist in locating mobile hotspots and capacity problems where local knowledge does not accurately reflect predicted maps, enabling us to more effectively target investment and policy choices that support people’s ability to stay connected.

The Better Connectivity Plan for Regional and Rural Australia, which aims to increase productivity and enhance equity for remote and regional communities, includes the audit.

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