Isuzu-Gatik Partnership: Level 4 Autonomous Trucks for Middle-Mile Logistics

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Isuzu-Gatik partnership has been announced to advance North America’s intelligent driving sector. With Nissan investing $30 million in Gatik, the collaboration aims to enhance mobility services based on Level 4 autonomous driving technology. Isuzu’s mid-term business plan, “ISUZU Transformation – Growth to 2030 (IX),” outlines its commitment to autonomous driving solutions, connected services, and carbon-neutral initiatives.

The partnership focuses on developing middle-range autonomous driving, including a new redundant chassis for safety. Gatik, known for its Class 3-7 autonomous trucks for middle-mile B2B logistics, has already deployed these vehicles in Texas, Arkansas, and Ontario. By 2027, Isuzu aims to have a Level 4 autonomous commercial vehicle business, addressing industry challenges like driver shortages and increasing delivery demands.

Isuzu-Gatik Partnership to Lead Innovation in Level 4 Autonomous Commercial Vehicles for Middle-Mile Logistics

Gatik CEO Gautam Narang highlighted the collaboration’s significance in mass-producing Level 4 autonomous trucks, enhancing Gatik’s market position. Isuzu Executive Officer Hiroshi Sato emphasized the partnership’s alignment with Isuzu’s future business pillars. Together, Isuzu and Gatik are poised to lead innovation in North America’s middle-mile autonomous driving sector, developing transportation solutions that benefit society.

Isuzu Motors, based in Yokohama, Japan, and Gatik AI, headquartered in California, the United States, have agreed to further develop the North American intelligent driving sector. Nissan will invest$ 30 million in Gatik, forming a powerful alliance designed to advance mobility services based on Level 4 autonomous driving.

The agreement between Isuzu and Gatik focuses on creating middle-range automatic driving, including the creation of a new redundant chassis that ensures safety when equipped with an automatic driving system.

Driving Towards the Future: Isuzu and Gatik Collaborate to Pioneer Level 4 Autonomous Commercial Vehicles for Mid-Mile Logistics

As part of its mid-term business plan,” ISUZU Transformation – Growth to 2030 ( IX )”, announced in April 2024, Isuzu committed to three new business pillars for the future: autonomous driving solutions, connected services, and carbon- neutral solutions. By working with Gatik, Isuzu hopes to have a Level 4 automatic commercial vehicle business by 2027.

Gatik claims that it is the only business in North America that offers Class 3- 7 automatic driving trucks for safe and effective goods delivery. The business has successfully completed all of its corporate middle mile deliveries in 2021 and concentrates on middle-mile B2B logistics for large corporations. Gatik’s Class 3- 7 autonomous driving trucks are already operating in Texas, Arkansas, and Ontario.

Through this partnership, Isuzu will enter the center mile autonomous driving business in the LCF segment. With the development of this cutting-edge technology, Isuzu can address industry issues like the fast escalating driver shortage and the quickly rising delivery demands in North America. Also, the companies will work together to create a new chassis that has safety performance that is compatible with automatic driving systems, with a goal to have it available for mass production in 2027.

Isuzu invests US$30 million in Gatik to develop autonomous driving  logistics business – Building a partnership towards commercialization of  Level 4 autonomous driving in 2027 – | Isuzu Motors Limited

Driving Innovation: Gatik and Isuzu Partner to Mass Produce Level 4 Autonomous Trucks for Middle-Mile Logistics

Gatik’s CEO and co-founder, Gautam Narang, stated:”We are thrilled to be working with our partner Isuzu to mass production of SAE Level 4 autonomous trucks. In 2021, Gatik launched the world’s first fully autonomous corporate transportation service with a Fortune 500 retailer. This partnership, coupled with Isuzu’s investment in Gatik, signals the company’s confidence in our technology and our world- class team, and we’re excited to bring intelligent transportation to the market at major scale in the coming years”.

” As part of our April 2024 middle- term business plan announcement, we are committed to establishing three pillars of new business for the future: autonomous driving solutions, connected services, and carbon neutral solutions. We’re excited to expand our partnership with Gatik to be operational set in 2027, according to Hiroshi Sato, Executive Officer of Isuzu, as part of our efforts to develop automatic leading solutions.

Through this collaboration, Isuzu and Gatik are determined to be the forefront of innovation in North American middle-mile automatic driving, creating new forms of transportation that benefit society.

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