Revolutionizing Surgery: Sony Unveils Advanced Microsurgical Robot at ICRA2024

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Sony Group Corporation has unveiled a microsurgical robot exchange and precision control robot at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA2024). Developed to address the shortage of skilled practitioners and increasing workloads in surgery, the robot aims to assist in microsurgical procedures by replicating human wrist movements with precision.

The prototype, designed by Sony’s team, facilitates delicate operations on tiny tissues like veins and nerves. Unlike traditional medical assistant robots, it features automated instrument exchange, minimizing delays and interruptions during surgery. A recent experiment at Aichi Medical University demonstrated successful vascular anastomosis using the robot, marking a significant milestone in medical assistance robotics.

Sony plans to collaborate with academic and clinical departments to further enhance the technology’s efficacy and conduct extensive testing. With a commitment to advancing healthcare through mechanical innovations, Sony seeks to address challenges in the medical field and contribute to the evolution of medicine.

Sony Unveils Precision Control Robot for Microsurgical Instrument Exchange at ICRA2024

A microsurgical instrument exchange and precision control robot developed by Sony Group Corporation ( Sony ) has been announced. The prototype was unveiled at the Sony booth on May 13 at the Yokohama-based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ( IEEE ) International Conference on Robotics and Automation ( ICRA2024 ).

An ageing population has led to a significant shortage of skilled practitioners, who are facing increased workloads. The use of medical robots to perform precise operations is anticipated to reduce surgeons ‘ workloads and promote the development of sophisticated medical services in the field of surgery, which demands higher skill levels.

Developed by Sony’s team, the prototype is designed to assist in microsurgical procedures. It is designed to be used with a microscope to examine tiny tissues like veins and nerves. The robot replicates the movements of a small medical instrument that moves with the fluidity of a human wrist, using a very delicate control device.

Sony’s Microsurgical Robot Assistance Technology Revolutionizes Vascular Anastomosis

Traditional medical assistant robots frequently experience functional difficulties, such as delays and interruptions brought on by the manual movement of surgical instruments. The Sony team has addressed this by reducing the size of the instruments and creating a system for their automated exchange. This advancement makes it possible for the robot to perform microsurgeries that call for gentle operations with ease, thereby allowing more medical professionals to do so.

Aichi Medical University conducted an experiment in February 2024 where surgeons and other medical professionals who do n’t have a background in microsurgical procedures successfully performed an anastomosis on animal blood vessels ( approximately 0.6 mm in diameter ). As of May 9, 2024, Sony Research determined that this was the first vascular anastomosis to be performed using a medical assistance robot with an automated instrument exchange function.

Sony intends to work with academic clinical departments and medical facilities to improve and test the efficacy of this mechanical surgical assistance technology. Sony aims to continue its research and development in order to address issues in the health field and contribute to the development of medicine through mechanical technologies.

Sony Group Portal - R&D Activities | Microsurgery Assistance Robot

Sony’s Breakthrough in Medical Robotics: Revolutionizing Surgery with Precision and Automation

Sony Group Corporation’s unveiling of a microsurgical instrument exchange and precision control robot at ICRA2024 marks a significant leap in medical robotics. This innovative solution addresses the pressing challenges of skilled practitioner shortages and increasing surgical workloads by automating delicate microsurgical procedures. Sony’s prototype, featuring automated instrument exchange and precise human-like wrist movements, promises to revolutionize surgery by minimizing delays and interruptions. The successful vascular anastomosis experiment conducted at Aichi Medical University underscores the robot’s potential in advancing medical assistance robotics. Sony’s commitment to collaboration with academic and clinical departments demonstrates its dedication to further enhancing the technology’s efficacy and conducting comprehensive testing. With its focus on advancing healthcare through mechanical innovations, Sony is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of medicine and addressing critical healthcare challenges.

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