Advancing Mobility: 1oT’s €1.1 Million Initiative for Enhanced eSIM Solutions

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Explore the latest development in the mobility industry as 1oT announces a comprehensive €1.1 million initiative to build advanced eSIM solutions and a connectivity management platform (CMP). Delve into the intricacies of this innovative project aimed at simplifying eSIM implementation for car manufacturers and streamlining connectivity management through a unified interface and API. Discover how 1oT’s platform aims to revolutionize connected vehicle technology by consolidating telecom partners and agreements, enabling seamless management of both local and global connectivity throughout the vehicle lifecycle. Uncover the significance of reliable cellular connectivity in enhancing crucial functions such as telematics, infotainment, and safety features. Learn how 1oT’s unique approach distinguishes them from other providers, offering flexibility and customization tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry. Join us as we navigate the complexities of eSIM technology and its transformative impact on the future of mobility.

Comprehensive Development Initiative for eSIM Solution and Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)

To develop a comprehensive eSIM solution and connectivity management platform (CMP) for the mobility industry, 1oT announces a two-year, €1.1 million development initiative.

The platform will make it simpler for car manufacturers to implement eSIM and give them a second interface and API to manage all of their connectivity vendors and subscriptions.

1oT will include IoT eSIM ( S G P ) as part of the project. 32 to the 1oT eSIM Core product portfolio, which supports M2M and consumer eSIM. Additionally, they intend to turn their connectivity management CMP, the, 1oT Terminal, into a main orchestrator.

All partners and agreements for connectivity in a single interface

In contemporary car models, connected vehicle technology is becoming more and more common. Despite having a longer lifespan and a large geographic range, car manufacturers face unique challenges in keeping their vehicles connected.

The connectivity orchestration platform of 1oT consolidates telecom partners and agreements into a second interface, removing the need for various platforms. The platform will make it simpler to manage both local and global connectivity throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle, from conception to retirement.

Car manufacturers even receive a set of APIs that can be integrated with their backend to track data usage, network performance, and device health to identify potential issues and stop connectivity disruptions.

The importance of trustworthy cellphone connectivity

Technological know-how is one of the factors that contribute to car manufacturers ‘ struggles to make connectivity successful. For specific skills that car manufacturers frequently lack, it is necessary to create a connectivity service that is appropriate and suitable with upcoming technologies.

Automakers will save years by creating and putting in place a sophisticated connectivity service thanks to 1oT. They will give connectivity providers and customers both the tools they need to integrate them, track data usage, device health, network performance, and identify and stop connectivity issues.

For the success of related cars, 1oT’s reliable cellular connectivity is essential, enabling crucial functions like telematics, infotainment, safety features, and over-the-air software updates.

1oT is uniquely positioned to address challenging problems of all kinds.

1oT differs from other R S P providers in that they do n’t impose their operating system or eUICC on the cards and do n’t manufacture them. Car manufacturers are ready to integrate their personal SIM cards and eUICC manufacturers.

After completing tens of integrations with telecoms, building a current CMP, three eSIM infrastructures, and putting together tens of integrations, 1oT is convinced that creating a system that integrates through and through will provide a compounding advantage for any enterprise.

Driving Innovation in Connected Mobility

The end result will be a powerful, flexible structure that can be white-labelled for the precise needs of the automotive industry.

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