SiLabs and Arduino partner on Matter over Thread

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Arduino Silicon Labs Matter over Thread IoT development Collaboration


Silicon Labs has joined forces with Arduino to facilitate the development of Matter over Thread applications for the vast Arduino developer community. The collaboration introduces Matter software libraries, available on Silicon Labs-based hardware platforms such as the xG24 Explorer Kit and the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter MGM240P development board. With over 33 million users, Arduino’s user-friendly interface and simplicity make it a preferred choice for developers, from beginners to seasoned professionals. By combining Arduino’s software libraries with Silicon Labs’ leading hardware capabilities, developers gain access to enhanced security, energy efficiency, and processing power for Matter applications. This partnership aims to democratize the creation of IoT devices by removing barriers to entry and streamlining the development process. Additionally, Silicon Labs is actively involved in further simplifying IoT development through tools like Simplicity Studio 6, allowing developers to integrate their preferred IDE for programming devices.

More details on SiLabs and Arduino partnership

For the 33 million-strong developer community of Arduino, Silicon Labs is collaborating with the platform to enable smooth development of Matter over Thread applications.

The first-ever Matter software libraries from Arduino were created in association with Silicon Labs and are offered on both the xG24 Explorer Kit from the company and the SparkFun Thing Plus Matter MGM240P development board.

According to Rob Shane, vice president at Silicon Labs,” Arduino’s simplicity, ease of use, and effective development environment make them so appealing to their community of over 33 million users, whether they be makers just getting started or pros with a wealth of development experience.” ” Developers get the best of both worlds with our leading security, energy efficiency, and processing power for Matter by combining Arduino’s software libraries with Silicon Labs-based hardware.”

On Arduino

The Arduino Core for Silicon Labs Devices GitHub page ( github.com/SiliconLabs/arduino ) now hosts code samples, reference designs, documentation, and more.

The Arduino ecosystem provides universal access to hardware, software, and cloud services. The Arduino programming language, which is used in the Arduino integrated development environment ( IDE ), has developed over the years as a result of input from the platform’s engaged community and user base, who routinely contribute to its ability to meet the evolving needs of the embedded computing market.

Anyone from students taking their first steps in coding to enterprise developers has found it to be a favorite due to its user-friendly interface and simplicity. This collaboration represents a critical step in this direction, removing obstacles to entry and simplifying the creation of Matter devices.

According to Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino “Empowering innovators has always been at the core of our mission, and our collaboration with Silicon Labs takes that commitment to fresh heights. For our community and above, this partnership represents a major step toward democratizing the creation of Matter applications. By fusing Silicon Labs¬† cutting-edge hardware capabilities with Arduino’s simplicity and potent development environment, we are giving users a special combination of accessibility and sophisticated features. We are eager to open the door for the upcoming wave of innovation in the IoT landscape, along with Silicon Labs.”

However, Arduino’s shared software resources are robust, offering a variety of pre-compiled libraries to assist developers in rapidly getting their devices up and running. Engineers from Silicon Labs were able to set up a new board in less than two minutes during inner testing, flashed to be prepared for commingle with another network. This represents a step toward facilitating the quicker, easier, and more visible development of matter.

The MGM240 module

The two companies are co-developing a member of the Arduino Nano family of development boards for little form factor devices as part of phase two of their collaboration. A perfect platform for Matter development requires hardware and software. The MGM240 module will be included in the new family member. Silicon Labs ‘ wireless, zigbee, and efr32mg24- series 2 modules are available at silabs.com.

The module offers mobile connectivity using the Matter, Thread, and Bluetooth protocols and is based on the MG24SoC. Arduino developers can create solid, quick, and energy-efficient applications while preserving end-user privacy thanks to features like an Arm Cortex- M33, 10dBm output power, low recent consumption and PSA Certification level -3 security. The 32 GPIOs, away to 1536kbytes of flash memory, 256kbit of RAM, and the capacity and expandability required for Matter are all provided by the memory.

The collaboration

This collaboration is a part of Silicon Labs ‘ continuous effort to make IoT development as simple and quick as possible. In order to achieve this, Silicon Labs is developing its personal development tools in addition to working with development tool providers like Arduino. With the introduction of Simplicity Studio 6 ( www ), these will advance. afterwards this year, silabs.com/developers/simplicity- studio. With this version of Simplicity Studio, developers will be able to program their devices using their preferred language and environment, allowing them to integrate their individual preferredIDE.

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