ISCS and PowerStack’s distribution deal

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PowerStack Australia, a pioneering off-grid thermal pole designer, has forged a regional distribution partnership with ISCS, a renowned leader in security technology solutions. The PowerStack solar system, featuring lateral solar panels designed to capture maximum sunlight, offers 100% off-grid power for diverse applications including surveillance cameras, lighting systems, IoT sensors, and communications devices. This innovation facilitates the establishment of resilient infrastructure in challenging or remote locations where traditional power access proves arduous or costly.

Distinguished by their distinctive four-sided vertical design, PowerStack poles boast ease of installation without necessitating heavy machinery, ensuring reliable year-round power provision. The integration of PowerStack technology enables the deployment of security and communication devices in environmentally sensitive areas or projects with sustainability mandates, aligning with ISCS’s diverse product offerings.

ISCS Wins PowerStack Distribution | SEN.news - No. 1

Michael Bragg, CEO of PowerStack, lauds ISCS’s industry reputation and expansive network as pivotal in fostering market expansion for PowerStack technology. By seamlessly integrating with ISCS’s suite of products, PowerStack enhances the feasibility of grid-independent solutions, unlocking opportunities for infrastructure deployment in previously inaccessible or cost-prohibitive environments. Collaborating with ISCS to champion green-powered infrastructure deployment underscores PowerStack’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

ISCS Managing Director Stuart Harmer recognizes PowerStack’s transformative potential in addressing industry challenges and advancing eco-friendly solutions. This partnership promises to catalyze positive change in the American market, empowering customers to embrace environmentally responsible security infrastructure. ISCS reaffirms its dedication to providing forward-thinking security solutions through its extensive distribution network across Australia.

Together, PowerStack and ISCS are poised to revolutionize the security technology landscape, offering cutting-edge solutions that prioritize sustainability and resilience. Through collaborative efforts, both companies aspire to drive meaningful impact and usher in a new era of eco-conscious infrastructure development.

PowerStack’s Off-Grid Thermal Pole Partnership with ISCS

PowerStack Australia, an off-grid thermal pole designer, has signed a regional distribution contract with ISCS, the market leader in security technology.

The PowerStack solar system generates 100% off-grid power for a variety of applications, including cameras, lighting, IoT sensors, and communications, using lateral solar panels that capture the most sunlight.

This makes it possible for integrators and organizations to build backed infrastructure in places and places where it would be difficult or expensive to access traditional power.

With their distinctive, four-sided vertical design, the poles are easy to install, do n’t require heavy machinery, and provide reliable power year-round.

Pioneering Sustainable Security Solutions: PowerStack and ISCS Collaboration

The addition of PowerStack allows for the deployment of such devices in remote locations or in projects with sustainability requirements because they are compatible with a number of the products that ISCS now offers.

The chief executive officer of PowerStack, Michael Bragg, stated that “ISCS is a well-known and respected name in the security industry, with strong network and client base. We seek out partners who will benefit from incorporating this technology into their offering and who can assist us in expanding PowerStack in the market. ISCS also fits that description.”

PowerStack can be integrated with those devices to create a wholly “grid separate” solution because they now supply so many of the solutions and products. More and more, we’re discovering that this creates opportunities for companies to deploy infrastructure where it was originally very difficult or costly. Working with the ISCS team to create those opportunities and assist their clients in delivering green-powered infrastructure is something we’re eager to do.

Stuart Harmer, the managing director of ISCS, added “Powerstack stands as a groundbreaking solution tackling various challenges in our industry, giving customers the chance to adopt an eco-friendly approach.” In collaboration with Powerstack, ISCS joyfully anticipates having a crucial impact on the development of the American market. We are dedicated to providing responsible and forward-thinking security solutions for our valued customers through our extensive distribution network of offices spread across Australia.

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