Boldyn buys Edzcom from Edzcom, targets private 5G ‘leadership’

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Boldyn Networks —a UK-based host company primarily owned by CPP Investments in Canada— has entered into an agreement to acquire private networks specialist Edzcom from Spanish tower company Cellnex Telecom. This transaction, expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2024, encompasses Cellnex’s personal networks operations, notably Edzcom based in Finland.

Edzcom, recognized as the largest independent provider of private network solutions in Europe, has executed over 50 personal LTE and 5G deployments across various sectors in several European countries, with Nokia as a key partner.

Boldyn views this acquisition as a strategic step to enhance its personal networks strategy, particularly in the Industry 4.0 sector. It aims to leverage Edzcom’s capabilities to expand its presence across Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, and Italy, as well as its operations in the US.

With a portfolio of significant contracts and agreements, including partnerships with Transport for London and multi-carrier 5G setups at prominent venues, Boldyn is poised to strengthen its position as a leader in personal network solutions. The acquisition of Edzcom aligns with Boldyn’s objective to excel in 5G personal and merged network infrastructure projects.

Both companies share a vision for growth and market leadership in specialized exclusive mobile networks. Edzcom’s CEO, Mikko Uusitalo, expresses confidence in consolidating their market position under Boldyn’s leadership.

Cellnex regards this transition as part of its strategic focus on tower-based activities and believes Boldyn is well-positioned to drive Edzcom’s growth into new markets and opportunities. This acquisition represents a significant milestone for Boldyn Networks, enhancing its presence in the personal networks sector.

Boldyn buys Edzcom from Cellnex, targets private 5G 'leadership'

Boldyn Networks, a  host company based in the UK that is primarily owned by CPP Investments in Canada, has agreed to buy private networks specialist Edzcom from Spanish tower company Cellnex Telecom for an unspecified sum. The agreement covers all of Cellnex’s personal networks operations, which primarily equates to Finland-based Edzcom. Since July 2020, Cellnex has owned Edzcom. In the second quarter of 2024, the deal is anticipated to close.

In the industry, Edzcom positions itself as” the largest independent provider of private networks solutions” and” European market leader.” In the manufacturing, ports, oil and gas, energy, and mining sectors, it claims that 50-odd personal LTE and 5G deployments have taken place in Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, the UK. Through the first stages of the exclusive mobile market, it has been a near partner of Nokia, in particular.

Following a wave of acquisitions, Boldyn, which was rebranded from BAI Networks in March, claimed that the agreement would “advance” its personal networks strategy and “increase its natural host capabilities,” particularly in the hard-nosed Industry 4.0 space. It stated that it would expand its presence in the UK and Ireland as well as in Finland, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and France. Boldyn also noted its “important presence” in Italy. It functions in the US as well.

Boldyn has attractive secret and negative host agreements of its own, such as a 20-year contract with Transport for London and multi-carrier 5G setups at the First Direct Arena in Leeds and the Olympia Exhibition Centre in London. In addition, it has industry-4.0 agreements with the Moray East wind farm in the North Sea, is working to build a neutral-host 5G smart city network for the City of Sunderland, and asserts continued deployments at the Cowtown Coliseum and the Dignity Health Sports Park.

Boldyn is leading the way in providing personal networks to our customers so they can address their operating and connectivity challenges, according to Igor Leprince, group chief executive at the company. To fully realize the potential of this market across continents, Edzcom… is… a crucial addition to our team. We are… the partner of choice for 5G personal and merged network infrastructure projects, from venues and wind farms to ports and manufacturing facilities.

” Cellnex has enabled us to expand from the Nordics to the largest countries in Europe,” said Mikko Uusitalo, CEO of Edzcom. We are thrilled about the chance to carry on with our quick development under Boldyn. We share the exact vision, and I am confident that we will consolidate our market leadership in specialized exclusive mobile networks and grow regionally. Boldyn is acquiring a powerful, top team with experience from more than 50 deployments.

” As part of our focus on tower-based activities and businesses and their located assets, Boldyn Networks is the best operator to usher Edzcom into a new phase of broad growth,” said Oscar Pallarols, global director of innovation, business development, and technology at Cellnex. Private networks are unquestionably the best partner for Edzcom in this next stage of their growth given that they are one of Boldy n’s core activities.

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