Revolutionizing In-Flight Connectivity: Eclipse Global, ThinKom, Kontron, and Display Interactive Retrofit 50+ Thin-Body Aircraft

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Revolutionizing In-Flight Connectivity: Eclipse Global, ThinKom, Kontron, and Display Interactive Retrofit 50+ Thin-Body Aircraft

Eclipse Global Connectivity, ThinKom, Kontron, and Display Interactive are set to revolutionize in-flight connectivity solutions with the retrofit of over 50 thin-body aircraft. This comprehensive end-to-end solution includes customized equipment, certifications, and software tailored for airline deployment. Eclipse leads the Satcom installation kit design, utilizing ThinKom’s ThinAir Ka2517 Ka-band system for multi-orbit satellite constellations, ensuring seamless operation across geostationary and medium earth orbit networks. Display Interactive’s software enhances the connectivity experience through Skywaves, while Kontron’s high-performance solutions, such as the Ace Flight 4783 MODMAN, support robust passenger Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment. Certification test flights are planned for Q3 2024, with full deployment by early 2025. This innovative project underscores the reliability and advanced capabilities of modern aviation connectivity technology. Marc Pinault, CEO of Eclipse, highlights the significant advancement in connectivity, while ThinKom’s Bill Milroy emphasizes the superior performance of their antennas. Jason Larocque, CEO of Kontron Canada, underscores their commitment to delivering unmatched in-flight experiences and redefining connectivity services in the aviation sector.

Transforming In-Flight Connectivity with a Comprehensive Satcom Installation Kit and Multi-Orbit Satellite Constellations

Eclipse Global Connectivity, ThinKom, Kontron, and Display Interactive have joined forces to retrofit a fleet of over 50 thin-body aircraft with higher-speed connectivity, poised to transform in-flight connectivity for airlines worldwide.

This complete, end-to-end solution is set to deliver unprecedented benefits for airlines and passengers, including equipment, certifications, and software, completely customised for airline deployment.

Eclipse is leading the design of the system’s shipset and installation, providing a turnkey Satcom install kit, full with certifications, especially tailored for the ThinKom ThinAir Ka2517 Ka-band Satcom system. Through an SES terminal, ThinKom’s credible antenna provides multi-orbit Satcom service using geostationary satellites and the O3b Classic and mPOWER Medium Earth Orbit constellations. Its higher throughput can be accessed via multiple satellite constellations. This feature enables simultaneous operation of both GEO and MEO networks. The connectivity service will be made possible by Display Interactive’s software components for Skywaves.

Enhancing Passenger Wi-Fi and Onboard Entertainment with Advanced Aviation Connectivity Technology and Satcom Solutions

Kontron will support the connectivity network with higher-performance solutions, including the Ace Flight 4783 MODMAN for the SATCOM connection, the Cab-n-Connect A200 for passenger Wi-Fi, and the Ace Flight 4608 server for onboard entertainment. The Kontron system can support parallel streaming for hundreds of devices onboard by using various Wi-Fi 6 radios.

Supplemental Type Copy (STC ) test flights are scheduled for Q3 2024, marking a major milestone. Production installations are planned for Q4 2024 following these flights, with entire deployment expected to be complete by the start of 2025. This quick certification and deployment cycle highlights the solution’s age and dependability.

Marc Pinault, CEO of Eclipse Global Connectivity, said: “We’re thrilled to unveil the latest innovation from our design division, Eclipse Technics, in collaboration with our valued partners. It’s a significant move forth in connectivity. We are building on our track record of delivering best-notch general large satcom installation solutions. They are validated with EASA and FAA STCs and fly on 150-plus aircraft. We are pleased to forge away with this innovative and unprecedented offering”.

ThinKom ThinAir Ka2517 For US Special Mission Aircraft | Joint Forces News

Advancing Aviation Connectivity with ThinKom’s High-Throughput Antennas and Kontron’s Robust In-Flight Solutions

“Our flight-proven ThinAir antennas bring unsurpassed throughput, spectral efficiency and reliability to our MSP partners. We will continue this tradition by easily harnessing the power of SES’s Skywave™ multiple-orbit and multi-constellation services. With over 1600 commercial aircraft installations and 45 million operating hours, ThinKom Phased Arrays continue to set the standard in today’s ( and tomorrow’s ) top- tier IFC systems”, commented Bill, Milroy, Chairman and CTO, ThinKom.

Jason Larocque, CEO of Kontron Canada said: ” Kontron is delighted to partner with respected industry leaders in delivering unmatched inflight experiences. Leveraging ourì exclusive connectivity solutions,ì airlines can expect nothing short of enhancedìreliability, robust data processing capabilities and smooth connectivity.  With Kontron’s confirmed expertise, alongside SES’s dual-orbit satellite constellations,  we’re poised to redefine connectivity services for airlinesì worldwide, setting a new standard of excellence in aviation technology”.

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