Tampere-based Wirepas raises €20.7 million to build low-cost wireless IoT connectivity

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In an effort to spread the cellular connectivity revolution to more businesses around the world, Wirepas, a company creating robust, fail-proof IoT networks, has raised€ 20. 7 million. Along with past investors ETF Partners, KPN Ventures, Vito Vento, and Vesa Laisi, Amalfi and IQT likewise took part.

Wirepas, which is supported by nearly 100 mobile technology patents, addresses the sustainability, scalability, and reliability problems that have been impeding Massive IoT’s whole potential to transform society.

Millions of devices are being connected by large IoT over vast networks, frequently remotely, and in a second network. Large amounts of data, assets, and machines are leveraged and monitored by businesses and industries using these networks. However, up until today, dated, constrained solutions have fallen short of realizing the full potential of bright buildings, logistics, smart meters, and smart agriculture.

The dream of IoT, or devices that communicate with one another to automate processes and gather suitable data, has had great appeal for a long time, according to Teppo Hemiä, CEO of Wirepas. But up until then, there has been a gap between what is required and the outdated, constrained IoT solutions. By introducing a radical and revolutionary strategy to realize the full potential of huge IoT, Wirepas eventually fulfills its promise. The announcement and funding of today is a testament to our team’s commitment to the project, and we are grateful to Highland Europe for recognizing this technology as an” game-changer.” Wirepas is also an important player in the development of the new non-cellular 5G standard of ITU – R.

With the help of algorithms and a special mesh architecture, Wirepas’ intelligent and decentralized approach connects up to 16 million networks, each of which is home to an astounding 4 billion devices. Each IoT device on a Wirepas network serves as the second device’s access point, as opposed to centralized systems that connect them all through one base station. Wirepas’ networks use little cellular spectrum without sacrificing performance by making smaller hops between devices rather than sending signals back to a remote central hub. This considerably reduces the costs and energy needed to manage for networks in addition to greatly increasing their range and resilience. In the event that one sensor fails, Wirepas reroutes the data continuously, and the network self-reconfigures to remain website. This is essential when achieving demanding & gt, 99.9 % Service Level Agreements in smart metering, for example, where even a brief loss of connection can cause significant disruptions. & nbsp,

” Wirepas isn’t just an incremental improvement over existing technologies; this technology is setting a new standard for what’s possible ,” said Laurence Garrett, partner at Highland Europe. Wirepas addresses the two most important obstacles to IoT adoption by providing a solution that is cost-effective and flexible.

With a focus on becoming the industry standard for IoT connectivity, the funding will be used to more develop Wirepas’ technology and solutions worldwide. The company is supported by Inventure, Karma, and Tesi in addition to Wirepas’ fresh investors and those who have returned for this round.

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