Dominican Republic: Applied UV smartens Larimar City development

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Dive into the realm of smart building technologies pioneered by Applied UV, poised to revolutionize Larimar City, a luxurious development in the Dominican Republic. With its strategic partnership with real estate giant CLERHP, Applied UV anticipates delivering cutting-edge energy-saving solutions to this ambitious project. Explore the grandeur of Larimar City & Resort, featuring six hotels, 20,000 high-end homes, and a plethora of amenities ranging from a financial mall to an 18-hole golf course. Max Munn, CEO of Applied UV, envisions significant revenue potential, estimating $250m to $300m over the next three to six years. Witness the convergence of innovation and sustainability as smart building technologies are integrated into the fabric of Larimar City, setting a new standard for eco-friendly development. Daniel Malky, pre-construction development manager, highlights the socioeconomic impact of this venture, poised to boost the Dominican Republic’s home and visitor growth. Situated atop a cliff overlooking the Caribbean, Larimar City embraces solar energy and IoT to redefine modern living. Discover how Applied UV’s diverse portfolio, including subsidiaries Sterilumen and Puro, is reshaping healthcare, hospitality, and municipal markets with innovative solutions.

Applied UV’s Innovations for a sustainable development in Larimar City

Smart building technologies are being developed by New York-based Applied UV for Larimar City, a luxury development in the Dominican Republic with six hotels and 20,000 high-end homes.

According to Max Munn, CEO of Applied UV,” we estimate that this project’s potential revenues could range from$ 250m to$ 300m over the next three to six years.”

Smart building technology is a specialty of AppliedUV. Beginning in the second quarter of this year, the company anticipates delivering energy-saving technology for the development.

With the completion of the first phase of Larimar City Resort, anticipated in late 2025, real estate development firm CLERHP, a Spanish listed multinational specialising in the promotion, design, engineering, and construction of large projects in Spain and Latin America, has started construction on the hotel properties and residences. A financial mall, many dining options, a fitness center, spa, country club with an 18-course golf course, an outdoor sports facility, and an activity center geared toward children will all be included in this development.

According to Munn,” We’re invested in bringing new and innovative technologies designed to support the resort’s mission to adopt economically pleasant practices throughout its design, construction, and operations.” The large specialized capabilities and extensive product portfolio that we have gathered over the past few years are being demonstrated by this development project, which represents a tactical opportunity for AppliedUV. Now that we can offer our customers a more comprehensive and varied range, we are better positioned to profit from larger-scale development projects like Larimar City Resort. We think there is a three to six-year revenue opportunity in the range of$ 250m to$ 300m on this project because it is likely the only source supplier for several essential components.

Larimar City’s Smart Resort

In meetings with Christopher Kochuba, a member of Applied UV’s board of directors, Larimar City Resort pre-construction development manager Daniel Malky stated that this was an once-in-a-lifetime chance to significantly advance the socioeconomic development of the Dominican Republic.

The resort, according to Malky, is one of the most thrilling projects being developed in this region and will significantly boost the Dominican Republic’s booming home and visitor growth. They were thrilled about the chance to work with the Applied UV family of companies, Malky continued. The clientele of this development should be able to achieve their climate and sustainable goals by having private and hotel properties built with the most recent energy-saving lighting and air quality technologies.

The garden city, which is being developed and is to be regarded as the second smart city in the Caribbean, is situated 25 minutes from the Punta Cana airport and 15 minutes to the Bavaro beaches on a cliff more than 100 meters above sea level. Through the use of technologies like AI, huge data, and IoT, this real estate project places a strong emphasis on solar energy, reducing energy consumption. The resort expects to have between 35 000 and 55 000 residents and visitors, which will help the area’s social development and reevaluate investments.

Smart building technologies are being developed and acquired by Applied UV ( applieduvinc.com ) for the healthcare, hospitality, business, and municipal markets. The company has a portfolio that meets different market needs thanks to its subsidiaries Sterilumen, MunnWorks, LED Supply, and Puro.

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