ID Logistics and Dexory join to deploy ASTRID Digital Twin and inventory management solution

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Autonomous Stock Taking Robots ASTRID program Dexory ID Logistics Inventory management

Dexory and ID Logistics are united under the ASTRID program to deploy cutting-edge Autonomous Stock Taking Robots (ASTR) for high-speed inventory management. Spearheaded by the revolutionary robot Astrid, this collaboration revolutionizes warehouse operations, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Astrid conducts live inventory checks, seamlessly integrating into daily routines, and promptly flagging errors in real-time. With the capacity to process up to 10,000 pallets per hour, Astrid significantly boosts productivity. The implementation of this state-of-the-art technology garners widespread acclaim, elevating accuracy to over 99.9%. Teams benefit from the Digital Twin feature, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing visibility into inventory management procedures. Benoit Boiron, Group Innovation Manager at ID Logistics, hails this partnership as a game-changer, while Oana Jinga, Chief Operating and Product Officer at Dexory, emphasizes its role in advancing operational efficiency worldwide.

A new way to deal with inventory management through Digital Twin robots

In order to deploy Autonomous Stock Taking Robots for high-speed inventory management, Dexory and ID Logistics have announced their collaboration as part of the ASTRID program. In order to improve the service offered to their customers, the collaboration aims to increase warehouse accuracy and general efficiency. At locations in France, deployments have started, and in 2024, they hope to expand to other regions.

The cutting-edge robot named Astrid serves as the cornerstone of this partnership. Astrid conducts live, wall-to-wall inventory checks while smoothly integrating into everyday operations and flagging errors in real-time. This creative strategy saves the inventory team many hours, enabling them to quickly address discrepancies and stop errors from having a ripple effect. Amazingly, Astrid’s ability to process up to 10,000 pallets per hour greatly increases productivity.

Content teams have enthusiastically embraced the implementation of this cutting-edge technology, which has since become an essential component of day-to-day operations. The system has improved accuracy to over 99.9 %, almost perfecting operations. The robots run during regular working hours, avoiding the need to close aisles and navigating around equipment and coworkers to ensure efficient workflow.

A Digital Twin, which offers instant access to data with just a click, is one of the collaboration’s vital features. Teams are better able to make informed decisions as a result, and there is more visibility nevertheless into resource allocation, inventory management procedures, etc. The solution’s versatility and adaptability to various functional needs are demonstrated by the fact that it can accommodate all sizes of pallets and goods.

This partnership represents a major turning point in the development of inventory management and warehouse data acquisition, said Beniot Boiron, Group Innovation Manager at ID &nbsp, Logistics. Our day-to-day operations have been transformed by Astrid’s precision and real-time monitoring capabilities, raising accuracy to new heights.

” We are thrilled to work with ID Logistics to use real-time data to support the closing of inventory visibility gaps in their warehouses. According to Oana Jinga, Chief Operating and Product Officer at Dexory, this partnership represents a major advancement in improving operational efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity.

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Astrid’s success in France has opened the door for more expansion into other regions, which has the potential to completely transform inventory management procedures worldwide.

A joint venture of Dexory and ID logistics

The success of Dexory and ID Logistics’ collaboration with the ASTRID program sets a promising precedent for future market expansion. As Astrid’s capabilities continue to impress, there is vast potential for penetration into diverse industries beyond traditional warehouse management. Sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce are poised to benefit from Astrid’s efficiency in inventory tracking and management. Additionally, as technology advances and consumer demands evolve, there may be opportunities to adapt Astrid’s capabilities for specialized tasks like order fulfillment, supply chain optimization, and even autonomous delivery services. The future markets for Astrid are boundless, offering exciting prospects for innovation and growth.

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