Track Value: European Consortium Launches Advanced Freight Tracking with IoT and Satellite Technologies

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Track Value: European Consortium Launches Advanced Freight Tracking with IoT and Satellite Technologies

A consortium of European tech and logistics giants has introduced Track Value, a cutting-edge freight tracking system utilizing both terrestrial and satellite IoT technologies. Developed by Kerlink, Kinéis, and Europorte, this innovative solution aims to revolutionize logistics by offering real-time traceability and monitoring across road, rail, air, and sea freight operations.

Kinéis, a prominent satellite IoT provider, is launching a new constellation of nanosatellites to enhance global IoT connectivity for logistics applications. Founded in 2018 as a spin-off from the French Space Agency (CNES) and backed by €100 million in funding, Kinéis aims to democratize satellite IoT.

Track Value integrates LoRaWAN for ground-based IoT communications and Kinéis’ satellite connectivity for seamless data transmission. Scheduled for commercial release by late 2024, it addresses the pressing needs of transport operators to secure goods, optimize logistics, and reduce environmental impacts.

Raphaël Doutrebente, Chairman at Europorte, emphasizes the partnership’s role in enhancing freight security and reliability across transportation sectors. Yannick Delibie, Technical Director at Kerlink, highlights their expertise in tailored IoT solutions supporting Track Value’s development.

Alexandre Tisserant, Chairman of Kinéis, underscores the strategic importance of this collaboration, expanding IoT applications across industries and solidifying Kinéis’ position in the global IoT market.

The Track Value solution marks a significant advancement in digitalizing transport operations, providing enhanced data processing and feedback capabilities worldwide.

European Consortium Launches Advanced Freight Tracking with IoT and Satellite Technologies

A trio of European tech and logistics companies have come together to create a new tracking system that uses both earth and dish IoT technologies for the freight industry. The consortium also includes LoRaWAN hardware provider Kerlink, satellite IoT provider Kinéis, personal rail freight operator Europorte, owned by railway operator Getlink, and secret rail freight operator Europorte, owned by the same railroad operator that oversees the Channel Tunnel between France and the United Kingdom.

The latter, Kinéis, is to launch five new nanosatellites this week ( June 18 ), with another 20 to follow within eight months. The company primarily wants its fresh satellite constellation to offer international IoT connectivity for distant applications in the logistics sector. The launch next week is its first since it was spun- off from the French Space Agency ( CNES ) in 2018 with a mission to “democratise” satellite IoT. Kinéis has raised €100 million in funding.

Track Value: Revolutionary Freight Tracking with Kinéis Space Connectivity

Track Value, the new business concept from the three companies, is referred to as” the first industrial application dedicated to the freight and logistics sector to incorporate data transmission via Kinéis space connectivity.” They called it a “revolutionary traceability and monitoring solution for all freight activities”, and also a” sovereign solution” ( “100 percent French”, they explained ). It is being pitched for road, rail, air, and sea freight.

It uses LoRaWAN for earth- based IoT communications. In the fourth quarter of 2024, Track Value will be available for purchase.

The statement read,” Today’s transport operators are faced with an increase in trade and must ensure the safety of their goods and lessen the effects of their transport on the environment. This inventive solution improves the management of these flows by digitizing bidirectional transport activities. Thanks to data feedback and processing in near-real time and from anywhere in the world, this digitization increases the quality and reliability of services.

Track Value: Europorte and Kinéis Partner for Advanced Freight Security

Raphaël Doutrebente, chairman at Europorte, said:” We are delighted with this innovative partnership, which will enable us to provide a specific response to the need to secure goods being transported. With Track Value, Europorte, a subsidiary of the Getlink group and the leading private rail freight operator, is providing a solution for all customers in the transport logistics sector ( road, rail, air and sea )”.

The Track Value solution and offer a real innovation are the product of Kerlink’s technical director Yannick Delibie, who stated:” Kerlink’s teams have contributed their expertise in tailor-made IoT connectivity solutions to develop the Track Value solution and meet the challenge of more responsible freight.”

Alexandre Tisserant, chairman of Kinéis, said:” Kinéis ‘ space connectivity is now an established and important offering in the IoT market. The nearby connections we are developing with professional players in all sectors is demonstrated by this partnership with Europorte and Kerlink for the Track Value solution.

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