Catesby Tunnel Joins CAM Testbed UK: Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Testing

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Catesby Tunnel CAM Testbed UK Autonomous vehicle testing Repeatability in testing UK's CAM ecosystem

The former railway tunnel in Northamptonshire, the 2.7 km Catesby Tunnel, has joined CAM Testbed UK, a global organization dedicated to advancing related and autonomous vehicle technologies. Operated by Catesby Projects, this facility becomes the fifth in the network, offering optimal conditions for a wide range of vehicle testing. With controlled environmental factors like steady temperature and humidity, engineers can analyze data with high confidence, enhancing repeatability in testing. The tunnel’s radio-insulated environment allows for testing in challenging conditions, making it ideal for evaluating new technologies.

John Paton, Managing Director of Catesby Tunnel, expressed excitement about joining the UK’s autonomous vehicle development community. Managed by Zenzic, CAM Testbed UK offers comprehensive testing facilities, including model simulation and trial deployment, to accelerate technology readiness and market deployment. Existing members include Midlands Future Mobility and Smart Mobility Living Lab London, with Catesby Tunnel now complementing the network. Jonathan Eaton, separate chair of CAM Testbed UK, highlighted the growing popularity of UK verification and validation services for CAM technologies, positioning the UK as a leader in this dynamic global market. With Catesby Tunnel’s addition, CAM Testbed UK strengthens its capabilities in advancing autonomous vehicle technologies.

Catesby Tunnel: Advancing Autonomous Vehicle Testing with Unparalleled Repeatability

A former railway tunnel in Northamptonshire is on the verge of becoming a significant testing ground for new self-driving vehicles. The 2. 7 km Catesby Tunnel has joined CAM Testbed UK, a worldwide organization dedicated to the development of related and autonomous vehicle technologies. This special facility, which is run by Catesby Projects, will be the fifth to add to the network.

Catesby Tunnel provides the best conditions for a wide range of vehicle testing, ensuring higher levels of repeatability in a controlled environment. The tunnel maintains steady temperature, pressure, and humidity, without wind or rain interference. Because of its extremely soft surface, engineers can analyze the effects of second setup adjustments in a setting where data can be gathered with great confidence.

This research on repeatability is anticipated to be very helpful for the testing of connected and autonomous mobility ( CAM ) technologies. The tunnel can even be completely black because it is radio-insulated, making it excellent for testing new technology in difficult circumstances.

Davies Tunnel Joins CAM Testbed UK: Accelerating UK’s Leadership in Autonomous Vehicle Development

The Managing Director, John Paton, stated that Davies Tunnel is “incredibly excited to join a list of renowned and innovative organizations that up demonstrate the UK’s broad capability for autonomous vehicle development.

We are eager to begin collaborating with innovative businesses and promoting the UK as a world leader in developing connected and automated mobility technologies.

Managed by Zenzic, an organisation established by the UK Government and industry to advance the nation’s CAM ecosystem, CAM Testbed UK offers a comprehensive suite of facilities for model, simulation, testing, and trial deployment.

Existing members include Midlands Future Mobility, Smart Mobility Living Lab London, and UTAC Millbrook – Culham, both of which offer handled testing environments. The group is completed by Convex, a data exchange specialist.

Catesby Tunnel vehicle testing facility to hold open day for industry  professionals | Automotive Testing Technology International

Strengthening CAM Testbed UK: Welcoming Catesby Projects to Accelerate Autonomous Vehicle Innovation

“We are happy to welcome Catesby Projects to our previously- growing CAM Testbed UK network,” said Mark Cracknell, Programme Director at Zenzic”. The establishment of CAM Testbed UK was intended to assist industry and academics in boosting the technology readiness of new innovations that can advance the sector. The addition of Catesby will further strengthen that capability.

“CAM Testbed UK creates a setting in which technologies can be rigorously tested in as near to daily driving conditions as physically possible,” explains CAM Testbed UK, thereby accelerating development times while lowering barriers to market deployment. It will provide a real boost to the industry”.

The UK verification and validation services for CAM technologies have grown in popularity, according to Jonathan Eaton, separate chair of CAM Testbed UK. This will allow businesses to develop their products and services in the UK for this dynamic world market. I’m thrilled to have them aboard and look forward to working with John Paton ( Managing Director ) and the Catesby Projects team because Catesby Tunnel really complements the other testbeds ‘ offerings.

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