Aramco and Qualcomm Partner to Advance Industrial IoT, AI, and 5G NTN Networks in Saudi Arabia

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Qualcomm Technologies and Aramco have signed an agreement to enhance industrial IoT solutions in Saudi Arabia. This collaboration focuses on advancing AI and connectivity, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as 4G/5G and non-terrestrial networks (NTN) to meet the unique needs of the Kingdom. Key initiatives include the development of hardware, software, and services for business IoT applications, as well as the use of 450MHz mobile technology to ensure extensive coverage for millions of intelligent edge devices. Qualcomm’s partnership with Aramco aims to set new industry standards for IoT applications and AI, promoting operational efficiency and sustainable growth across various sectors. Additionally, Aramco Digital and Intel are establishing Saudi Arabia’s first Open RAN (O-RAN) development center, furthering the country’s commitment to a robust communications infrastructure. This center will facilitate the deployment of O-RAN technologies, supporting the Kingdom’s digital transformation. With initiatives like the Saudi Accelerated Innovation Lab (SAIL), Aramco Digital strives to drive modern innovation and transformation across all sectors, positioning Saudi Arabia as a leader in global industrial technology advancements.

Advancing Industrial IoT, AI, and 4G/5G NTN Networks: Aramco and Qualcomm Collaborate in Saudi Arabia

According to Qualcomm, the agreement aims to advance advanced technologies for use cases in the nation for business purposes.

Aramco and Qualcomm Technologies have signed an agreement to contribute jointly to connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced computing technologies for industrial use cases in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement includes the design of hardware, software, and services to accelerate the deployment of end-to-end IoT solutions for business and enterprise use cases, along with accelerating the development of the commercial 4G/5G and non-terrestrial networks (NTN) ecosystem, including 450MHz mobile technology.

Enhancing IoT and AI with 450MHz Spectrum

Nakul Duggal, group public manager of Qualcomm Technologies ‘ electrical, industrial, and embedded IoT and cloud computing divisions, noted that this collaboration with Aramco will give Qualcomm the ability to create cutting-edge, end-to-end IoT solutions that are tailored to the distinct needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“We want to advance business IoT solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by utilizing the potential of mobile technology, high-performance computing, and AI.”

According to Durga Malladi, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Technologies ‘ technology planning and edge solutions, Qualcomm Technologies will use the 450MHz spectrum to provide the ubiquitous and resilient coverage that will be required to connect the millions of intelligent edge devices poised to come online.

” We are eager to expand our cooperation with Qualcomm Technologies to promote online transformation on a global scale. We want to establish industry benchmarks for IoT applications and AI, boosting operating efficiency, and encouraging green growth in various industries around the world, according to Nabil Al-Nuaim, senior vice president of digital and information technology at Aramco. We are committed to creating cutting-edge, innovative solutions that establish new standards for industrial innovation worldwide, and advance technology through initiatives like the Saudi Accelerated Innovation Lab ( SAIL ).

Saudi Arabia’s First O-RAN Development Center

In January, Aramco Digital and Intel announced plans to establish what they claim to be Saudi Arabia’s first Open RAN ( O- RAN ) development center.

The partners claims that the partnership will make it easier to develop and use O-RAN technologies, underlining Saudi Arabia’s commitment to building a strong communications infrastructure that can help speed up online transformation across a number of horizontal industries.

Under the terms of the agreement, Aramco Digital will provide in- depth knowledge of the Kingdom’s development needs and ambitions, opportunities for the application of O- RAN technology as well as provide a perspective on the Kingdom’s financial landscape. Nevertheless, Intel will provide its expertise in O- RAN technologies.

The novel O-RAN development center is expected to start operating this year.

Aramco Digital, Intel to set up O-RAN center in Saudi Arabia

Aramco Digital, a technology division of Aramco, aims to promote modern innovation and modern transformation across all sectors.

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