USA: Florida approves statewide AI-Powered Traffic Management Systems by Derq and NoTraffic

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Derq and NoTraffic are pioneering AI-powered traffic management systems, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance road safety and optimize traffic flow. While traffic cameras have been in use since 1987, AI and network connectivity enable functionalities that significantly improve traffic management, as highlighted in a 2022 Smart Cities Dive opinion piece and a 2023 Government Accountability Office report.

NoTraffic utilizes machine vision and radar to retrofit signalized intersections, providing real-time data to an automated, cloud-connected hub. Their mobility operating system empowers cities to implement tailored transportation policies at both intersection and city grid scales, optimizing traffic signals accordingly.

Next Gear Ventures on LinkedIn: Florida approves statewide AI traffic  management by NoTraffic
NoTraffic’s AI-Powered Traffic Management: Advancing Transportation Efficiency Across the United States

Recent deployments of NoTraffic’s platform in Bettendorf, Iowa, Dothan, Alabama, and Garland and Sugar Land, Texas, demonstrate its effectiveness. With patent approval for their vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, NoTraffic continues to expand its footprint, addressing traffic management challenges while integrating connected and non-connected road users seamlessly.

Despite the benefits of intelligent transportation systems, challenges such as equipment obsolescence and cybersecurity risks persist, as highlighted in the GAO report. However, the approval of NoTraffic’s AI-driven system by the Florida Department of Transportation signifies a significant advancement in traffic management technology, paving the way for statewide implementation and enhancing transportation efficiency in Florida.

Derq and NoTraffic: Advancing AI-Powered Traffic Management for Enhanced Road Safety and Efficiency

The co-founders of Derq, another AI-powered traffic management system, stated in a 2022 Smart Cities Dive opinion piece that although traffic cameras have been in use since 1987, AI and network connectivity add functionality that can improve road safety and traffic management. According to a report from the 2023 Government Accountability Office, adaptive traffic signal control can reduce crashes and shorten wait times for emergency calls.

NoTraffic uses machine vision and radar to retrofit signalized intersections at each intersection to identify road users. With edge computing, the signals provide input data on road users into one totally automated, cloud- connected hub. The mobility operating system of the company enables cities to choose the transportation policies they want to put in place at neighborhood intersections and city grid scales. The software therefore operates independently to reduce delay time by optimizing traffic signals in accordance with those guidelines.

Screenshot of NoTraffic mobility management software

NoTraffic’s V2X Technology Revolutionizing Traffic Management

Cities can use the platform to define transportation policies that are put into action on both the native intersection and city grid scales.

Permission granted by NoTraffic

Bettendorf, Iowa, Dothan, Alabama, and Garland and Sugar Land, Texas, have also just deployed NoTraffic’s platform, and more deployments are coming to Florida, a NoTraffic spokesperson said in an email. The company’s vehicle-to-every, or V2X, technology, which combines connected vehicles and non-connected road users by combining data from multiple sources and using Artificial algorithms, was granted patent approval in February for the company’s application for the company’s patent application.

While intelligent transportation systems can improve traffic flow and improve emergency response times, the GAO report also found some actual- world problems. According to the report, equipment can immediately get outdated or cause issues when integrating with already-existing hardware and software systems. Cybersecurity was even a concern.

Summary: NoTraffic’s AI-Driven Traffic Management System Approved Statewide in Florida

  • Florida is the most recent state to approve an AI-driven traffic management system from NoTraffic, a Tel Aviv-based developer that is already active in more than 24 states and parts of Canada.
  • Orlando, Collier County and Pasco County are among the parts of Florida previously using NoTraffic’s systems. &nbsp, With this approval from the Florida Department of Transportation, the company can then operate throughout the state, &nbsp, it said in a March 13 news release.
  • The NoTraffic system, according to the company, combines hardware like bright sensors with unnatural intelligence software to give traffic authorities the ability to regulate and prioritize traffic flow for all modes of transportation, including cars, pedestrians, and bicycles.

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