United Kingdom : Vauxhall and Tesco together for free EV charging

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Vauxhall and Tesco join forces to incentivize electric vehicle (EV) adoption with complimentary EV charging. New Vauxhall EV buyers receive a year’s worth of free charging at Tesco’s extensive network, facilitated by Pod Point. With over 2,700 charging bays across 619 stores, Tesco provides convenient access, supporting Vauxhall’s goal of electrifying Britain. The initiative, part of the Electric Streets of Britain program, addresses the UK’s on-street charging infrastructure deficit. Vauxhall’s Enablement Fund assists councils in installing residential on-street chargers. This collaboration aims to accelerate EV adoption, resolve infrastructure issues, and enhance accessibility nationwide.

To encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles, Vauxhall and Tesco have announced they will provide complimentary EV charging.

One year’s worth of free EV charging credit at Tesco locations across the country will be offered to new Vauxhall electric vehicle ( EV ) customers as part of a ground-breaking partnership between the company and one of the top supermarket chains in the UK.

Increasing the infrastructure for EV charging

Pod Point, a renowned provider of EV charging solutions, is the driving force behind this initiative. Tesco is the largest supermarket charging network in the UK thanks to its spectacular network of 2, 700 charging bays spread across 619 stores across the nation.

These charging stations cater to various EV models and provide a range of power outputs, ranging from 7kW to75kW.

Over 70 % of the UK population can get to a Tesco store in less than ten minutes thanks to its strategic location. Greater convenience for EV drivers is ensured by this common accessibility, which also makes it simpler for people to access charging stations across the nation.

Tesco’s Head of Retail Partnerships, Clare Gregorio, stated:” We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions across our business, including becoming carbon neutral throughout our personal operations by 2035. We want to encourage our clients to adopt environmentally friendly practices like switching to electronic vehicles.

Because of this, we are thrilled to collaborate with Vauxhall to offer the UK’s largest supermarket EV charging network, making it simple and easy for our clients to top off their energy vehicles while they shop with us.

Customers of Vauxhall are eligible for completely EV charging.

The one-year completely EV charging credit is only offered to new Vauxhall wholesale customers who buy a Vaxhall electric vehicle directly from one of the retailer’s locations, even though these charge points are available to all e-drivers.

By offering consumers observable advantages, this completely EV charging partnership hopes to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles.

As electronic vehicle sales continue to increase, access to useful charging continues to be a popular topic to ensure that the UK can continue along its electrification journey, whether at home, on the street, or at an essential destination, according to James Taylor, Managing Director of Vauxhall.

” Vauxhall is continuing to support electric vehicle drivers across the nation in collaboration with Tesco by providing free EV charging to any new VauxHALL customer who stops by a Tsco location.”

” We’re dedicated to electrifying Britain and assisting UK drivers in switching to electric.” We are eager to start working with Tesco and anticipate seeing the UK’s charging network expand, enabling drivers to access yet more practical charging options for their daily commutes.

Initiative for Electric Streets of Britain

The partnership between Vauxhall and Tesco is a component of the larger Electric Streets of Britain initiative.

This program aims to address the UK’s lack of on-street charging infrastructure. According to Vauxhall’s research, a sizable portion of UK councils lacked an established plan for home on-street charging, and the majority had not set up any such devices.

Vauxhall has created an” Enablement Fund” as part of the Electric Streets of Britain initiative to assist local governments in comprehending the need for residential on-street charging.

working with reputable charging companies like Char. Gy, Connected Kerb, and SureCharge, Vauxhall’s goal is to make it easier to install home EV chargers on the streets.

This collaboration between Vauxhall and Tesco represents a major step toward fostering the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK, resolving infrastructure issues, and enhancing consumer convenience and accessibility to EV ownership across the country.

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