Unlearn Raises $50 Million to Optimize Clinical Research With AI-Powered Digital Twin Technology

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Explore the groundbreaking advancements in clinical trial research facilitated by Unlearn®, an AI company revolutionizing the industry. With a recent $50M Series C round of funding, Unlearn aims to further its mission of advancing AI to eliminate trial and error in medicine. By creating digital twins of clinical trial participants, Unlearn enables smaller, quicker studies, addressing challenges such as lengthy timelines and slow enrollment. TwinRCTs,™ facilitated by Unlearn’s AI models, allow for highly controlled trials with smaller control groups, expediting the introduction of new medications and treatments. Unlearn’s collaboration with pharmaceutical sponsors, biotech firms, and educational institutions streamlines and optimizes clinical trials, ultimately improving health outcomes for patients worldwide. Certified by regulatory authorities like the European Medicines Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Unlearn’s technology is poised to revolutionize the medical research sector.

Unlearn.AI, a startup developing a 'digital twin' service for clinical  trials, raises $50M | TechCrunch

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with Unlearn’s AI Technology

A $50M Series C round was announced today by SAN FRANCISCO ( BUSINESS WIRE )- Unlearn®, an AI company that creates digital twins of clinical trial participants to enable smaller, quicker studies. Returning investors Radical Ventures, Wittington Venture, Mubadala Capital, Epiphany, and Necessary Venture Capital are also included. By investing in its people, data, engineering capabilities, and longer-term initiatives, the company’s mission to advance AI to eliminate trial and error in medicine was furthered by this round of funding.

Unlearn, an AI research company founded in 2017, has always been at the forefront of creating cutting-edge AI-based scientific trial solutions. Unlearn’s technology now addresses significant clinical research challenges, such as lengthy timelines, slow enrollment, and patients ‘ reluctance to participate over potentially receiving a placebo, seven years later, with over $130M raised.

Digital Twins: Accelerating Clinical Trials

Before each trial participant is randomly assigned to the exploratory or control arm, Unlearn’s AI models create a unique digital twin for each participant. Regardless of the participant’s real assignment, their digital twin predicts their health outcomes under a placebo. More patients can receive empirical treatment thanks to digital twins that enable TwinRCTs, TM very controlled clinical trials with smaller control groups. TwinRCTs speed up the introduction of new medications and treatments to the market, which eventually leads to better health outcomes for everyone.

According to Charles Fisher, Ph. D., pharmaceutical companies spend more than $100 billion annually on clinical research, but the sector is still skeptic of new technology that has the potential to fundamentally alter research. D., the CEO and founder of Unlearn. At Unlearn, “breaking down these barriers and demonstrating the value of electronic twin technology continues to be a major driver for us. Additionally, this round of funding will enable us to expand our capabilities into more medical areas in order to raise awareness and demonstrate the value, in addition to growing our team.”

The medical research sector has seen the introduction of cutting-edge solutions over the past ten years to address its most pressing issues, including a lack of diversity, lengthy timelines from discovery to development, and rising costs. Working within regulation restrictions, however, continues to obstruct progress and present challenges. Understanding this, Unlearn has collaborated with governmental experts since its inception and is today certified by the European Medicines Agency and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to serve as the primary analysis in phase 2 and 3 clinical trials with steady outcomes.

According to Pauline Yang, a partner at Altimeter Capital,” Unlearn is introducing strong AI models to help make scientific research more refined and successful. We’re excited to be a part of their journey to reduce the number of participants required for research, finally in the hopes of cutting costs and enhancing outcomes for medical industry partners.”

One of the most innovative and powerful Artificial applications on the market today has been developed by Unlearn, according to Rob Toews, partner at Radical Ventures. ” The company’s platform is revolutionizing medical trials by utilizing cutting-edge AI to assist in the quicker delivery of life-changing therapeutics to patients.”

With this round of funding, Altimeter joins the other investors in the round, including Insight Partners, 8VC, DCVCs, ad hoc ventures like ICVC and dcc vs. Radical Ventures & Wittington VC / MUbadala Capital- EVENICE VENTURES, and Important Venture Capital.

Researchers can more rapidly and accurately evaluate the safety and efficacy of new treatments thanks to Unlearn’s collaboration with pharmaceutical sponsors, biotech firms, and educational institutions to streamline and optimize clinical trials.

Concerning Unlearn

Unlearn is a technology company based in San Francisco that is developing AI to do away with medical trial and error. Leading international pharmaceutical companies ‘ clinical trials are powered by Unlearn’s technology, which enables them to enroll patients more quickly and introduce new treatments to patients earlier. Their techniques, which make use of participants ‘ digital twins, are approved by the European Medicines Agency and follow FDA recommendations at the moment.

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