Havis, Inc. and Farmwave Innovate AI Solutions for Enhanced Harvest Efficiency

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In particular in visioning artificial intelligence for harvest efficiency, Hawks, Inc. is glad to have collaborated with Farmwave to revolutionize agricultural technology. Farmwave has been committed to bringing AI to the market since 2019, and our collaboration highlights how crucially important our docking stations are to this effort.

Havis, Inc. and Farmwave Pioneer AI Solutions for Harvest Optimization

Farmwave’s AI-driven Solution: Visionary synthetic intelligence software

Visionary synthetic intelligence software from Farmwave regularly monitors harvest loss in real-time without interfering with the process. The system uses carefully placed cameras on the machine’s header and back to take pictures every three seconds. The software then performs calculations to calculate the amount of grain the farmer has left behind after carefully analyzing these images by counting personal kernels. Farmers are able to quickly adjust machine settings after identifying these losses, reducing loss and maximizing grain retention for increased efficiency.

Craig Ganssle, CEO of Farmwave emphasized the difficulties in creating AI-capable hardware, particularly in the constrained true estate of farm machinery cabs.  Designing hardware for the agricultural environment presents important challenges, particularly in light of the small size of farm machinery, such as combine harvesters. The right side of the cab can serve as a real estate battleground. If you want a farmer to install your technology in the device, it must be of high value.

Havis Inc.’s Innovative Docking Solutions for Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Tablets

Havis, Inc. was hired to address the geographic constraints of the cab because of their decades of experience creating and implementing docking station solutions. Havis has established themselves as a reliable partner in challenging industries like energy and amp, utilities, warehouse andamp, distribution, waste management, and open safety. The Dell 12″ Latitude 7230 Rugged Severe Tablet is the target of cutting-edge IP65-rated docking stations that Havis just unveiled. These docking stations have been properly designed to meet the demanding requirements of applications in the harshest environments.

These Havis robust docking solutions have a two-piece design that ensures device mobility while offering unmatched protection against dust and water. System efficiency is improved by the seamless integration of peripherals, which focuses on the requirements of Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Tablet users.

A variety of cutting-edge features are available to improve functionality and durability, including an Lead power indicator that shows the status clearly. The process is smooth and effective for end users thanks to the one-handed docking and undocking capabilities. A trustworthy user experience is ensured by the spring-loaded, floating docking connector head, which ensures steady connectivity despite strong vibrations.

Enhancing Agricultural Efficiency, Havis collaboration with Farmwave

Accessibility is an important feature because, whether the tablet is docked or unlocked, the docking station offers access to all buttons, ports, and the barcode scanner. The docking station is small and portable, but it is made for convenience without sacrificing strength. The organization of cables is further improved by an integral cable management system, which encourages a nice workspace. The setup is made more adaptable by the addition of an integral VESA 75 mounting pattern, making mounting simple in a variety of environments. The Dell 12″ Latitude 7230 Durable Extreme Tablet’s utility and performance can be improved in agricultural applications by using Havis docking stations as an example of a comprehensive solution.

This represents a major step forward in our commitment to improving productivity and reliability amid the particular challenges posed by agricultural conditions, according to Sam Barall, Havis Director of Sales for Enterprise. Our specialized solutions, created in association with Farmwave, serve as an example of our commitment to promoting innovation and productivity in the industry.

Havis is prepared to support this evolution with binding solutions that perfectly match the demands of the technology as Farmwave moves toward the next iteration of hardware, an all-in-one tablet design. By ensuring that solutions contribute to seamless integration and increased farmer productivity, Hawks ‘ partnership with Farmwave strengthens the commitment to agricultural technology.

Farmwave anticipates the debut of the v5 Harvest Vision system, also known as the” Farmbook,” in the 2024 season. Together with Dell, Havis is dedicated to assisting Farmwave in realizing this vision. Collectively, we work to usher in a new era of agricultural innovation and efficiency.

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