EY opens ‘edge lab’ for AI systems in Industry 4.0 – Dell, PTC, GE, Microsoft involved

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Ernst & Young (EY) and Dell Technologies have partnered to launch an AI systems and Industry 4.0 technologies lab in London, aimed at fostering digital transformation for businesses across various sectors. This collaborative effort focuses on developing edge-based ecosystem technologies, emphasizing the use of Dell’s NativeEdge operations software and an array of edge computing hardware to enhance data-driven enterprise analytics. The lab will explore industry-specific use cases and prototypes, particularly highlighting the advantages of edge computing systems over traditional cloud-based solutions in terms of speed, security, and reliability.


In order to demonstrate and develop edge-based “ecosystem technologies” to aid businesses with digital transformation, professional services firm Ernst & Young ( EY ) will open an edge technologies lab in London with a US company called Dell Technologies. According to EY, the venue will concentrate on use cases and prototypes particular to the industry. A statement made general references to “value of data” and “real-time insights,” but it was quick to mention conceptual AI, among all the various edge-based systems and applications to support expensive data-driven enterprise analytics.

It also discussed the benefits of native edge-based computing systems over northern cloud ones in terms of speed, performance, security, dependability, and resilience. EY will utilize Dell’s NativeEdge operations software platform as well as a variety of edge computing hardware from the company ( gateways, servers, and desktops ). Microsoft, PTC, GE Digital, Snowflake, and other companies were mentioned as co-contributors on the project. The Artificial angle focuses on the EY, the AI hub for the London company. AI was presented as a “unifying platform” to streamline AI and make business processes more efficient. &nbsp,

The Lab helps demonstrate the economical advantages of embedding AI at the edge, EY said of the project, pointing out the noisy, hard-nosed Industry 4.0 end in the digital transformation game. Clients can immediately address problems in their multi-tethered environments and data solutions that have an effect on the bottom line through the Lab. The Lab will even assist leaders in comprehending how the convergence of IT and OT, a trend that is contributing to the rapid adoption of edge computing, is impacted by having the proper edge and data strategy.

Digital transformation strategies and Industry 4.0 innovation

EY is starting out by pitching businesses in the manufacturing, life sciences, healthcare, consumer goods, and utilities industries. The Lab can help develop edge-centric use cases, such as deploying an IoT solution for a client’s manufacturing process, to close the gap between data transformation and management, according to the statement. It stated that its “tech strategy and transformation” teams would provide” client-virtual interactions.” EY is collaborating with Dell and PTC separately to streamline the digitalization of production workflows through the use of a manufacturing throughput-as-service ( MTaaS ) offer.

The EY Edge Technologies Lab, according to Greg Cudahy, the market leader in the world tech and telecoms sector, “reflects our commitment to providing innovative solutions that help empower our clients to stay at the forefront of technology and gain a competitive advantage.” With the Lab, we’re giving leaders the advantage by giving them the chance to investigate, experiment, and use real data insights in novel ways that will significantly boost their company’s growth.

Businesses will be able to use the power of edge technology with a transformational platform approach thanks to our collaboration with the EY organization, according to Gil Shneorson, senior vice president for edge solutions at Dell. Organizations will be able to achieve their business objectives thanks to the Dell NativeEdge software platform, market-leading solutions, and EY industry and Iot knowledge.

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