Igus launches bionic hand for ReBeL cobot

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In the realm of robotics, particularly the emerging trend of cooperative robots or “cobots” the igus ReBeL stands out for its innovative design and functionality. Engineered with high-performance, lubrication-free plastics, the ReBeL cobot offers a cost-effective solution for various industries. Its lightweight design and affordability make it ideal for tasks ranging from assembly to quality checks. The recent addition of the finger gripper further enhances its versatility, allowing for precise object manipulation akin to human hand movements. This development, spearheaded by igus, marks a significant advancement in low-cost automation.

CDA - igus launches bionic hand for ReBeL cobot

igus ReBeL Finger Gripper: Precision, Adaptability, and Longevity for Seamless Cobot Integration

The ReBeL finger gripper, priced competitively at £2,668, offers seamless integration with the cobot and boasts compatibility with a range of applications. Its ability to mimic human hand movements ensures adaptability across diverse industries, from research facilities to commercial kitchens. The use of high-performance plastics not only guarantees accurate movements but also contributes to the cobot’s longevity and ease of maintenance. With a dedicated laboratory for rigorous testing and continuous innovation, igus reaffirms its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of robotics. Through its comprehensive product offerings and commitment to quality, igus emerges as a leader in driving forward the adoption of cobots in various sectors.

Advancing Automation: Igus ReBeL Cobot with High-Performance Finger Gripper

The human hand on the igus ReBeL cobot is today made of high-performance, lubrication-free plastics.

Robots, particularly as cooperative robots or “cobots,” like the igus ReBeL, are progressively making their way into small and medium-sized businesses. With the aid of cameras and electrical or vacuum gripping systems, these robots sort, pick, and move objects. Igus has created a finger gripper for the ReBeL cobot so that it can handle more tasks in the individual style. It is cost-effective and simple to integrate because it is made completely of lubrication-free plastics.

Igus ReBeL is a small, lightweight cobot that allows for relatively low investment in robotics, making it especially well suited for assembly tasks, quality checks, and in-service applications. Grabpers and vacuum cups are required for the robot to function effectively, and igus today provides a wide range of end-effectors from different suppliers on the market RBTX.com. The ReBeL finger gripper is its newest product release.

Affordable Automation: Igus ReBeL Cobot and Finger Gripper for Versatile Applications

According to Adam Sanjurgo, low-cost automation manager at igus UK,”The ReBeL is light and cheap, with a weight of about eight kilograms and starting from £4200 it is widely used in applications that humans would normally do.” “A mechanical hand that can be easily connected to the ReBeL via plug-and-play has therefore received a number of customer inquiries.

In response, igus created a specially affordable ReBeL finger gripper that can be purchased for as little as £2,668. All ReBeL models are suitable with the human hand. It can be easily integrated and flexible in a variety of applications because it is controlled by DIO at the Tool Center Point. The finger gripper’s unique ability to mimic people hand movements is its unique quality. The ReBeL can carry out a variety of straightforward human tasks and applications, particularly in research and thanks to its innovative low-cost hand.

According to Sanjurgo, tasks in commercial kitchens or the entertainment sector are even possible for development at universities.

High-performance plastics guarantee accurate movements.

The control system, cables, and flange mount are all delivered straight from igus. The lower cost is partially attributable to the high-performance, lubrication-free plastics. The simple bearings in the joints made of iglidur polymers allow for easy and precise movements of the individual fingers while remaining absolutely fresh, in addition to being cost-effective and lubrication-free. The 3,800m2 laboratory in Cologne’s intensive igus testing ensures the human hand has a longer lifespan. They can be controlled by a variety of interfaces, including internal scripting, USB, and TTL (5V) serial. Igus offers additional products for these cobots, also known as the” ReBeL Environment,” in addition to the finger gripper. These include a devoted workstation, connection cables, gripper sets, adapter plates, sixth axis, and fireproof hoods.

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