Tata establishes global digital infrastructure for Jaguar Land Rover

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Tata Smart Cities Communications Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Cloud-first Software-defined network AI-driven analytics

Tata Communications and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are embarking on a transformative partnership, leveraging Tata’s Cloud-first, software-defined network capability to connect JLR’s 128 global locations. This modern architecture facilitates real-time data diagnosis from production lines, enabling JLR to enhance vehicle construction quality and embrace AI-driven analytics for Industry 4.0 advancement. By deploying Tata’s Cloud-first, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology, JLR achieves seamless connectivity across its global network, enhancing supply chain efficiency and bolstering security measures. The collaboration promises benefits such as shortened manufacturing timelines, improved administrative resiliency, and enhanced production agility. Tony Battle, JLR’s group chief information officer, emphasizes the role of SD-WAN technology in leveraging AI-powered automation to enhance network performance globally. Sumeet Walia, executive vice president of Tata Communications, underscores Tata’s commitment to supporting JLR’s modern transformation and fostering innovation in the automotive industry. This partnership underscores the importance of scalability, security, and sustainability in driving automotive excellence into the future.

Tata establishes global digital infrastructure for Jaguar Land Rover -  Acres Engineering

Driving Industry 4.0: Tata Communications Powers Jaguar Land Rover’s Cloud-First Network Transformation

With a Cloud-first, software-defined network capability, Tata Communications is connecting 128 global locations of the British automaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR).

Tata will put into place a modern architecture that enables JLR to enhance the quality of vehicle construction by real-time data diagnosis from production lines. The adoption of AI will be facilitated by this network capability, which also offers forecast risk management to reduce manufacturing disruptions.

Tata Motors subsidiary JLR is eager to complete its modern transformation and pave the way for analytics and Industry4.0.

This partnership will aid in the creation of JLR’s vehicles and lay the groundwork for the organization to undergo its second phase of modern transformation.

Tata Communications will introduce its Cloud-first, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) technology, which will link all 128 JLR locations worldwide. Supply chain efficiency and security are anticipated to increase as a result of this world connectivity, which connects JLR’s world headquarters with its facilities, warehouses, sales centers, data centres, and cloud services.

Accelerating Automotive Excellence: JLR and Tata Communications Forge Ahead with AI-Driven Network Transformation

JLR will be able to integrate AI-powered real-time data collection, monitoring, and analysis as a result of the transformation to improve production line performance. Forecast risk management controls will help the car manufacturer identify possible irregularities, improve driving efficiency, and ensure the construction of the vehicle.

Additionally, this collaboration will shorten the time needed to improve manufacturing procedures, improve administrative resiliency, and boost production agility. Through scale and security, JLR anticipates cost savings and business advantages. By 2025, Tata hopes to have finished the deployment of its network transformation program, which it has already started.

Tony Battle, the group chief information officer for JLR, said “This is an exciting stage in the modern transformation of our business, leveraging the technologies and capabilities of Tata Communications that will advance our networks into the future.” By switching to SD-WAN, we can use AI-powered automation to identify vulnerabilities, actively intervene, stop problems, and improve network performance on a worldwide scale. The state-of-the-art connectivity platform will help us create the top-notch ecosystem needed to provide contemporary luxury vehicles and exceptional driving experiences.

Jaguar Land Rover partners with Tata Technologies to accelerate the digital  transformation of its industrial operations - Tata Technologies

Tata Communications and JLR Forge Stronger Bonds in the Era of Automotive Transformation

JLR represents a global benchmark for mechanical luxury and innovation, added executive vice president of Tata Communications Sumeet Walia. It’s a thrilling time to strengthen our relationship and support the industry as it speedily develops and implements its online transformation strategy. In order to integrate JLR’s systems, workforce, suppliers, stakeholders, and customers worldwide, Tata Communications is deploying a modern fabric that will enrich important parts of the business ecosystem. This fabric will include our efficient infrastructure, platforms, managed services. As we work with JLR to online transform the production line of their next-generation vehicles, this partnership will also strengthen our shared commitment to sustainability.

JLR and Tata have been working together for a while. With smooth connectivity across more than 100 markets, Tata’s Move platform enables connected car options by powering the infotainment and telematics platforms in over 600,000 JLR vehicles.

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