Ford and Resideo manage V2H energy

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Ford and Resideo, an Arizona security company, are investigating vehicle-to-home ( V2H) energy management plans.

The combined simulation project, known as the EV-Home Power Partnership, will investigate the potential of electronic vehicle batteries to support home energy management. In order to help users save money on monthly electric bills, the project will test and quantify the user advantages of pairing bi-directional EV charging with a Resideo bright thermostat.

Additionally, this should ease the use of cleaner energy, lessen the strain on the US electricity grid, and enhance homeowner comfort.

Ford ( corporate ) Resideo, a provider of products for home comfort, security, and safety, as well as personal load management programs for utilities, are looking into the value of home energy management using engine vehicles .ford.com is the first company in the USA to introduce an entire-size electric truck worthy of bi-directional charging for the home in North America.

Through the available smart backup power, the F-150 Lightning electric truck is already equipped to power the house in the event of an outage. The EV Home Power Partnership project will simulate the integration of Resideo’s bright thermostats with the energy that the F-150 Lightning can store in its battery, which can be cleverly coordinated to help power the heating and cooling of the house.

The goal of the project is to determine how automating the house to match a consumer’s time-of-use ( ToU) electricity rate can reduce the overall energy needed by the home during times of electric grid stress while reducing energy usage during the most expensive hours each day. Also, it will evaluate how a system can use cleaner energy from the grid if renewable energy is easily obtainable thanks to the coordination between the battery and intelligent thermostat.

According to Bill Crider, head of charging and energy services at Ford, “driving electrical is opening up an entirely new world of personal energy management that could not only save our customers time and money but also help support a more sustainable energy grid.” Ford EV drivers, utilities, and power companies would have the confidence to speed up potential vehicle-to-grid services that were always before thought possible with conventional vehicles if they were able to manage their energy from the vehicle to the home.

Homeowners can stay comfortable during power outages or other energy events as well as save money by using stored energy during peak demand, when energy costs tend to be higher, thanks to the storage of electric vehicle batteries, which can help stabilize the electrical grid. Ford and Resideo are working together to imagine a time when electric cars and homes could use the exact energy source and communicate intelligently with one another for the good of both the grid and the user.

According to Dana Huth, executive vice-president at Resideo,” A person’s car and the heating and cooling of their home are typically the two biggest contributors to their carbon-emission footprint.” With the help of this EV Power Partnership project, we can learn new ways for owners of F-150 Lightning to use their electric battery to heat and cool their homes as well as to develop a home energy management plan that will maximize comfort and energy efficiency. Our Resideo grid services team can help ensure a more resilient energy grid for the community, prepare it for more renewables, and deliver energy savings for consumers by building energy-efficient ecosystems between reputable international brands.

The project has started, and it should be finished in the second half of 2024.

Over 150 million homes worldwide can benefit from the technology-driven products and components made by Resideo ( Resider.com ) thanks to their critical comfort, energy management, and safety and security. Second Alert, a brand from Resideo, provides security and safety to both consumers and professionals. The business immediately participates in four inexpensive energy markets and sometimes manages or takes part in 256 US utility demand management programs.

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