Portuguese cities adopt smart sustainable tech from Goverment agency

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AICEP, the Portuguese government’s agency, has launched a campaign to highlight the advancements being made by cities across the nation in embracing smart city technologies, particularly in the areas of sustainability and increased industrial energy efficiency. These include the use of electric vehicles in industrial waste management, smart poles, and industrial smart energy platforms.

Lisbon, the nation’s capital, as well as Matosinhos, Vila Nova de Gaia, Viviana de Famalico, Guimaré, and Cascais, are cities and municipalities that have adopted these solutions.

Smart Poles, a bright, sustainable infrastructure that adds numerous services and is driven by wind and solar energy while utilizing natural resources to produce energy, was developed by the Portuguese company Omniflow . In Portuguese municipalities like Lisbon and Matosinhos, omniflow solutions are already in use.

The Powertracker, a modern platform created by dstgroup’s Innovation Point  that is already in use in Lisbon, Vila Nova de Gaia, and Valanova de Famalico, monitors the production of renewable energy produced by solar panels.

Some water retention basins have been built in Guimares, New Brunswick, to stop flooding and overflows in the city. Cork has been used to cover the gymnastics academy building, which also has a reliable ventilation system that controls the temperature throughout the year.

Provincial waste is disposed of in Cascais on a truck that is entirely energy, allowing for more environmentally friendly collection. Mobicais encourages residents to choose electric vehicles through the mobile application, from soft mobility to hydrogen buses.

The AICEP organization is putting its” Changing the Future Together” campaign into action to encourage the use of environmentally friendly smart city technologies.

Matthew Boyle

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