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Welcome to our exclusive coverage of the most recent advancements in smart city research from across Europe. In this first edition of “This Week in Smart City Academia”, done in collaboration with Brian Fabregue, we delve into this dynamic and evolving field, we bring you the latest insights and groundbreaking studies that are shaping the future of urban living.

Our focus is on the intersection of technology, sustainability, and community, highlighting how smart cities are not just technologically advanced but also more liveable, inclusive, and environmentally friendly. This collection of academic papers offers a diverse range of perspectives, from the impact of AI and legal challenges in smart mobility to sustainable tourism and urban governance.

Stay with us as we explore these innovative concepts and strategies that are set to revolutionize our urban landscapes. Whether you’re a city planner, technology enthusiast, or just curious about the future of urban living, these insights provide a valuable glimpse into the smart cities of tomorrow.

Dive into the world of smart cities with us and discover how they’re becoming the heart of sustainable and inclusive living in Europe.

  1. The Role of AI in Smart Cities: A Legal Perspective on the Future of Smart Mobility and Sustainability
    JFMQ Gomes
    This paper discusses the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cities, focusing on the legal and regulatory challenges. It emphasizes the transformative potential of AI in enhancing smart mobility and sustainability within urban environments.
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  2. Can Smart Homes Make Smart Cities More Sustainable and Liveable?
    A Marchal, J Vanderdonckt
    The study explores the role of smart homes in the broader context of smart cities, particularly in European settings. It evaluates how integrating smart home technology can contribute to making cities more sustainable and liveable, aligning with EU’s SETIS program goals.
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  3. The Role of Horizon (2020) in Achieving Climate-Neutral Urban Objectives: A Study of 14 Spanish Cities Innovation Networks
    DR Ochoa, N Arranz, JCF de Arroyabe
    This paper reviews the impact of the EU’s Horizon 2020 program on fostering climate-neutral objectives in urban areas. It includes a detailed analysis of innovation networks across 14 Spanish cities, showcasing their progress towards sustainable urban development.
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  4. Towards a Consensual Definition for Smart Tourism and Smart Tourism Tools
    A Galvão, F Brito, JJ de Melo
    Addressing the emerging concept of Smart Tourism, this research paper aims to provide a definitive understanding and framework. It links the concept to smart cities, emphasizing the need for a clear and consensual definition of smart tourism tools.
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  5. Foreign Experience in Stimulating Urbanisation Processes
    D Ivan, K Alua
    This article delves into urban development strategies, comparing European and Asian models. It focuses on smart city concepts, green infrastructure, and sustainability, offering insights into different approaches to urbanization.
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  6. Smart City Governance in Small Municipalities: A Case Study of Bolzano Urban Area (Italy)
    F Gasparini 
    Investigating the governance of smart cities in smaller municipalities, this case study of Bolzano, Italy, explores how European Union policies influence local practices. It emphasizes the role of smart city concepts in achieving climate neutrality by 2050.
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  7. Introducing E-scooters to the Da Nang Market and User’s Attitudes
    N Quan, N Dat
    Focusing on Vietnam’s urban transportation, this study examines the introduction of E-scooters and their potential impact on smart city development. It assesses user attitudes in Da Nang, drawing comparisons with European E-scooter models.
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  8. EU-Singapore Matchmaking Event
    M Baldan
    A 2023 study analyzing the networking opportunities between European cluster organizations and their Singaporean counterparts. Key areas of collaboration include Agrifood, Health Care, Biomedical Tech, Digital Tech, and Smart Cities.
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  9. Smart City Concept and Sustainable Development
    J Rudewicz
    Published in the European Research Studies Journal in 2023, this paper discusses the significant contributions of smart cities to sustainable development and addresses potential challenges like increased inequality and technological risks.
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  10. Handbook of Research on Promoting Sustainable Public Transportation Strategies in Urban Environments
    Z Yilmaz, S Golem, D Costescu
    This 2023 research presents digitalization as a catalyst for smart cities, introducing the concept of a smart society. It includes a cluster analysis measuring the effectiveness of growth clusters in various European cities.
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  11. Possibilities of Using Cluster Solutions in the Policy of Revitalisation of Degraded Municipal Infrastructure in Ukraine
    A Gumieniczek
    A 2023 paper from the Central European Review of Economics & Finance discussing the role of smart cities and cluster structures in regional development. It focuses on the effectiveness of growth clusters in European cities.
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  12. Addressing the Complexity of the Digital Divide and the Role of Government in Addressing It: Role of Government in Bridging the Digital Divide
    KS Ali, AR Faroque
    This study, featured in the 2023 volume of ‘Fostering Sustainable Businesses in Emerging’, explores how governments can minimize the digital divide in smart cities, with a focus on European economies.
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  13. Mobility Innovations in Peripheral Areas
    E Szymańska
    Investigating the discrepancies in economic potential of regions in Europe, this research highlights mobility innovations as a solution to peripheral area challenges, emphasizing the European Union’s interest in this area.
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  14. Success Factors of Start-up Companies in the Digital Industry
    J Polke, D Hehle
    This paper examines the burgeoning start-up scene in European cities like Madrid and Barcelona. It delves into the competitive pressure European digital start-ups face from Asian markets.
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Andrea Calderan, MSc in Sciences, serves as the Chief Editor at Smart City Consultant, a journal focused on IoT and smart city innovations. With a robust background in science, Calderan expertly bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and urban development. His leadership ensures the publication highlights the most impactful research and trends in smart cities, fostering a community of thought leaders dedicated to sustainable and intelligent urban growth. Calderan's vision propels the journal to the forefront of the smart city discourse, making it an indispensable resource for professionals and academics alike.

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