UK Privacy Regulator Issues Black Friday Smart Device Warning

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Customers are urged to look into the security and privacy records of any smart technologies they intend to purchase this Black Friday by the Information Commissioner’s Office ( ICO ).

Before issuing new guidance following year, the data protection regulator will review the tech sector. It has issued a warning that some buyers may unintentionally endanger their personal data.

In advance of the active sales period, which starts the following weekend, it published a list of advice for tech buyers.

You should consider how your chosen device intends to use your data before adding it to your basket. Although privacy policies can be intimidating, reading the section on data collection should provide you with all the details you require.

To determine whether you’re comfortable with the data that your device will want to access, you can review permissions in the app store.

Users were urged by the ICO , once the device  has  arrived:

  • to Manage access to private information, such as location, by using its privacy controls and app permissions.
  • to Allow the device to receive regular updates.
  • select a secure, distinctive password.
  • Simply agree to the sharing of data with well-known and reliable businesses.
  • In the privacy settings on your smartphone, restrict any private information being shared for advertising purposes.

According to information commissioner John Edwards, consumers value their privacy in an exceedingly connected world and want to take advantage of the advantages of bright devices.

They should n’t be forced to pick between the two options. Customers will be able to make more educated purchases and have more control over how their personal data is used thanks to these suggestions from our tech experts.

Make sure you have done your research on the product you’re considering purchasing, avoid any that have security flaws, and see how you can control the data the device is able to access or collect.”

Verónica Castro-Allende

With a rich background in urban technology and IoT, Veronica brings a unique blend of expertise and innovation to our platform. Her work focuses on integrating advanced engineering solutions into smart city infrastructures, emphasizing sustainable and efficient urban development. Her insightful contributions shed light on the future of urban living, blending technical prowess with practical urban applications

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