Drone-based IoT Connect Greek ” Smart Islands “

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IoT application domains like smart cities immediately showed promise, but they have struggled over the past ten years. However, smart islands might be advantageous for the Internet of Things ‘ success.

The Smart Islands Case

One for trial, for instance, uses AWS on the Greek island of Naxos. Because of their distinctive qualities, bright islands are a good example. Smart Islands are a great use case for IoT-based intelligent technologies because they are isolated and have few options for many important reasons.

the use of drones

Drones might play a significant role in the ecosystem of Smart Island. They might offer bright mobility solutions, particularly in the areas of healthcare and the transportation of goods, such as ship monitoring, remote station reporting, and test sample and medical supply delivery. Drones could be extremely useful in flooding and hurricane search and rescue because they could monitor the energy grid, monitor southern boat traffic, and track inclement weather.

Managing Limited Labor

IoT can play a significant role in water management and similar infrastructure systems, supplement communication grids in remote areas, and offer an early warning system for fires, earthquakes. This is because there is n’t enough labor on islands. These technologies can be used by hotels ( which frequently play a larger role on islands ) to better manage HVAC systems, cut down on unnecessary cleaning, keep rooms dark and televisions off when not in use, and make it easier to access and exit facilities on the island.


Additionally, telemedicine can prevent skilled staff from being overworked and guarantee that at least some healthcare is accessible to island residents by using mechanical proxies and video interaction. Fitbits and other related monitoring bracelets can alert people who are isolated and incapacitated because residents of small islands are also good to be older.

This might serve as an example for another remote communities and increase the appeal of these island communities to greek natives.

Viktor Musil

Victor Musil, pen name for Edouard Py, advocates for inclusive, people-centered city development. His work underscores the importance of ethical considerations and equitable access, shaping the discourse on urban innovation worldwide.

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