Siemens and ServiceNow move OT device management into the cloud

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In order to identify and manage operating technology ( OT ) devices in industrial settings, Siemens is collaborating with the US software company ServiceNow to provide a software-as-an-service ( SaaS ) solution. The solution is intended to assist businesses in managing brand-new, industrial-grade IoT, Wi-Fi, and 5G devices from a single cloud dashboard. According to Siemens, “OT management is 10 years behind IT management,” the fresh project will work to close this gap.

To “unleash the power of artificial intelligence and analytics” on shop floor process and automation systems, Siemens integrates the ServiceNow’s data analytics software platform, known as Then Platform, with its own cloud-based OT device management software. According to Siemens, the software enables businesses to “IT and OT convergence into practice” by retrieving data from data silos. It claimed that it would” transparency” industrial asset management.

It uses only one tool to make the status of all Op devices across the network fully transparent, irrespective of manufacturer or device type, according to a statement. The Then Platform, which now offers management of IT assets, is expanded by this functionality. With this growth, Siemens and ServiceNow are meeting the demands of their shared customers to improve shop floor transparency. &nbsp,

As a result, incidents that might obstruct the production process in business plants can be avoided, it continued. Additionally, the tool enables dispatching service personnel without incurring extra manual or time costs, as well as planning service tasks and spotting potential security vulnerabilities. Then, OT assets can be managed with the exact interoperability and flexibility as IT assets.

The service is a part of Siemens ‘ Industrial Operations X portfolio, which offers automation solutions for production engineering, execution, and optimization. &nbsp,

OT management is ten years behind IT management, according to Dirk Didascalou, chief technology officer in Siemens ‘ division of online industries. We are putting IT and OT convergence into practice, enabling speed and scale for our shared customers, and this partnership means opening our ecosystem and leaving the silos behind. ServiceNow has previously mastered IT asset management.

” The digital transformation of manufacturing processes is happening at a rapid pace,” said senior vice president of products at ServiceNow, Karel van der Poul. The physical and digital worlds are coming together, and an actual enabler is the convergence of IT and OT. The modern transformation opens up new business model opportunities and has the potential to significantly boost productivity.

On a significant date in the European company’s trade show calendar, the pair is showcasing their work at SPS 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany. In the future, they promised to “work more tightly up.”

System integrator NTT and ServiceNow announced a deal 12 months ago to add an” AI-enabled end-to-end workflow automation platform” to their exclusive 5G offering. The concept is that businesses will be able to use ServiceNow’s cloud platform, which incorporates machine learning into workflow management, to move their business processes into the cloud and configure their personal 5G Celona cloud-based system to integrate more seamlessly into their operations.

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