Fibocom’s smart module earns certification for North American market

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According to Fibocom, a reputable carrier in North America has certified its 4G bright module SC126- NA. A high-performance bright module called the SC126-NA is made for the entry-level intelligent IoT market. This module provides integrated connectivity services to a range of Artificial Intelligence of Things ( AIoT ) terminals, including smart wireless payment terminal, industrial handhelds and 4G PTT- over cellular termins. Its quad-core processor and cutting-edge 11nm technology make it possible to connect to these devices. The module’s capabilities are more verified by this certification, which also guarantees dependable performance for a variety of applications.

With the growth of AI technology, it is anticipated that the international AIoT market will reach higher demand. Smart modules enable IoT devices with wireless computing capabilities, enabling real-time data processing and analysis, shortening the decision-making process for industry customers in crucial situations, and increasing overall efficiency. The SC126- NA bright module validation from Fibocom can speed up the terminal device certification cycle and allay investment worries for customers ‘ IoT projects.

Importantly, the Fibocom SC126-NA has an empty Android operating system with support for multimedia processing. It supports multi-channel camera input, H. 265/H. 264 encoding and decoding capabilities, and integration with facial recognition algorithms. It can be connected to a full high definition ( FHD ) touchscreen.

Additionally, SC126-NA is able to use the global navigation satellite system ( GNSS) to provide precise positioning and navigation. Fibocom SC126- NA is a smart wireless formula for many applications that require the integration of cellular communication and multimedia features. Its scalability allows it to support an extensive range of interfaces, such as the mobile industry processor interface ( MIPI), universal serial bus ( USB )/ serial receiver-transmitter ( UART), and inter-integrated circuit ( I2C ).

Fibocom created a number of local SC126 versions to support the frequency bands in Europe and APAC, as well as Wi-Fi version to meet market demands, in response to the growing landscape of AIoT applications in the world market.

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