Free public Wi-Fi system to be rolled out in Dublin city

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The OpenRoaming Wi-Fi system is expected to be expanded to more than 150 access points in Dublin.

Following a fruitful proof-of-concept trial, Dublin city will soon see the launch of an unrestricted free people Wi-Fi system.

By logging in once and immediately switching to various common Wi-Fi hotspots, the fresh OpenRoaming system aims to enable residents and visitors to maintain smooth connectivity across their devices.

Dame Street, Barnardo Square, and the vicinity of the Dublin City Council (DCC ) amphitheatre were the initial locations for the system’s deployment. More than 150 access points across the city are expected to then be covered by OpenRoaming.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance ( WBA ), Virgin Media, and CommScope all participated in the trial, which was started by the DCC’s Smart Dublin program.

According to Tiago Rodrigues, CEO of WBA, which has its OpenRoaming system available at more than 1 million hotspots worldwide,” Wi-Fi is the foundation for clever cities.”

” This successful proof-of-concept trial demonstrates that Dublin and its citizens, businesses, and visitors can all rely on the WBA OpenRoaming standard to ensure that they often have easy access to flawless, safe, carrier-grade Wi-Fi connectivity.”

According to DCC smart city leader Jamie Cudden, Dublin is “at the forefront of a modern transformation” that is setting an example for another cities worldwide.

In order to achieve our smart city goals, such as closing the digital divide and making sure that government is adaptable to the needs of citizens and businesses, collaborations like this are essential.

This WBA OpenRoaming trial’s success is a significant step toward achieving all of those objectives.

By testing technology solutions to address a variety of native challenges, Smart Dublin, which was established by the four Dublin native authorities, aims to future-proof the Dublin regions.

Dublin’s latest smart city objectives include ensuring broadband connectivity for engaging engaging learning, research, and hybrid study, as well as giving tourists and other visitors complimentary, secure, high-performance Wi-Fi access.

The new system was unveiled today, June 20, as part of World Wi-Fi Day, which honors the importance of WiFi in connecting cities and communities all over the world.

With initiatives in 2013 and 2018, various plans to roll out completely Wi-Fi in Dublin City have already been made public.

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