Lille announces ban on cyclists in city centre

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Following an increase in pedestrian safety concerns, the authorities in the northern French city of Lille & nbsp have announced a cycling ban that applies to large portions of the pedestrianized city center and old town. & nbsp, Between 11am and 10pm, cyclists, skateboarders, and scooters in the old town center’s permanent pedestrian area are subject to the policy titled” Cyclists with your feet on the ground. ” Between 11 am and 7 pm on Saturdays, the ban covers an even larger portion of the ancient town. After a brief transitional period, fines between€ 35 and€ 135, are to be distributed by police.

The decision was made in response to an increase in the amount of cycling that was occurring along the old town’s pedestrianized streets, as the government had reported that risky cycling was endangering pedestrians’ safety. This comes after a second more people have used bicycles in France since 2019.

But, opposition council members and lively travel organizations have reacted negatively to the introduction of a cycling ban in the pedestrianized areas of Lille city center. In a time when cities across Europe are attempting to promote cleaner and more responsible forms of transportation as part of larger decarbonization strategies, Michel Anceau of Droit au Vélo( Right to Bike ) emphasized that” the measure is to constrictive and is putting the brakes on using bikes in town.” Natural council members in the city also criticized the ban, saying that it” acts against what is, after all, a noble mode of transport, under the cover of regulating harsh practices.”

The effective implementation of policies to ensure the secure coexistence of pedestrians and cyclists has also been observed elsewhere in France, such as in Paris, the nation’s capital. With the construction of 180 km of new isolated cycling lanes, 120 000 new protected bicycle parking spots, and an educational program called” Know how to ride a bike ,” which teaches schoolchildren cycling safety and fundamental maintenance skills,” Plan Velo,” under the direction of Mayor Anne Hidalgo, aims to make the entire city cyclable by 2026. In Paris, better cycling infrastructure and education initiatives will increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians while promoting active transportation as a long-lasting and rewarding alternative to other modes of industrial transportation. Sustainable travel advocates hope Lille, which now has 150 km of cycling paths, will change its mind about banning cyclists from the city center and rather implement measures to safely accommodate all types of active travel there.

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