Siemens targets critical industry as US smart factory investments top $500m

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Siemens has unveiled a brand-new$ 150 million bright factory in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, to supply critical infrastructure and US data centers with electrical equipment. The new facility will use a variety of IoT and AI software tools created by Siemens, particularly to support online twin and factory automation technology. CBRS-based exclusive mobile technology is not mentioned in the press note. Since the beginning of the year, the German company has invested more than$ 500 million in US manufacturing thanks to the new project. It stated that it expects to create 1, 700 jobs.

The Dallas-Forth Worth factory aims to serve and” accelerate” the US market for edge and cloud compute infrastructure, which is expected to grow exponentially with the” exponential adoption of generative AI ,” and will produce” reliable and efficient … critical electrical infrastructure equipment.” Through 2030, it predicts that the market for data centers will expand at a rate of about 10 % annually. It will also guarantee the safe operation of vital infrastructure, the company continued. Beginning in January 2024, production at the new location will resume at full capacity beginning in 2025.

Siemens will construct and run the site, making use of its Xcelerator marketplace of Industry 4.0 solutions, which brings together independent business vendors with its own line of business IoT and AI solutions. It stated that” The Xcelerator portfolio” would be used to collect and analyze real-time data on production and product performance from the shopfloor. The implication is that Siemens will equip a number of IoT applications from the start, including for more sophisticated production-line automation, quality inspections, economic monitoring, and forecast maintenance.

Early this year, Siemens announced an investment of$ 220 million in a brand-new rail manufacturing facility in Lexington, North Carolina. The facility’s construction is currently in progress. Additionally, the business is making investments in two electromagnetic product manufacturing facilities in Pomona, California, and Grand Prairie, Texas. The latter two locations are also designed to satisfy demand for” in other words, data centers, battery plants, semiconductor facilities, and electric vehicle ( EV ) charging ,” according to the report. The company set a€ 2 billion($ 2.15 billion ) global investment strategy in June, and its investments in US manufacturing total$ 510 million in 2023.

It intends to construct numerous brand-new” high-tech factories, innovation labs, and education centers.” In China, Southeast Asia, and Europe, it has invested concurrently in advanced manufacturing facilities. In addition, & nbsp,

There has never been a better time to invest in vital electronic infrastructure and natural mobility to support the backbone of America’s economy, according to Roland Busch, president and CEO of Siemens. Our expanded US manufacturing presence will produce the hardware and software we provide, ensuring that expanding industries can meet demand while advancing decarbonizing operations. Siemens is completing its€ 2 billion international investment strategy for 2023 to promote growth, innovation, and resilience with this most recent action.

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