ASOCS teams with Lufthansa Industry to test high-accuracy private 5G positioning

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ASOCS, an Israeli edge-cloud and private cellular software company, is testing and developing its own industrial 5G positioning service in collaboration with Lufthansa Industry Solutions( LHIND ), a system integrator ( SI ) division of the German aviation company. The trials will use a 5G core network from Athonet, owned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise( HPE ), as well as ASOCS’s own virtual 4G radio ( RAN ) network.

They will take place at facilities owned by Lufthansa Industry in Germany as well as those of specific clients.Since 2020 / 21, LHIND has handled a number of early private 5G deployments in the German 3.7 to 3.8 GHz” vertical” band for its sister company Lufthansa Technik, the company’s airline services division. The company developed applications most importantly to enable distant inspection of engine parts for its civil aviation customers during the deployments at an aircraft engine workshop in Hamburg, which used network solutions from Athonet, Nokia, and Vodafone in a variety of ways. Since then, LHIND has provided various business clients with personal 5G integration services. & nbsp,

A key application for Industry 4.0 has long been thought to be high-accuracy indoor positioning( HAIP ) over private 5G. The project with LHIND, according to ASOCS, which is creating its own Hermes-branded positioning service, is” groundbreaking” and” a significant step” toward commercializing 5G-based positioning, and it will” rigorously evaluate ] its ] practical application.”

This collaboration with LHIND, according to Len Schuch, general manager of 5G positioning at ASOCS,” is … groundbreaking… in both the advancement of commercial deployments of private 5g and in exploring and developing commercial use cases for a SOCS ‘ AI – driven 5GE positioning services.” By collaborating with LHIND, we will be able to transition 5G positioning and location services from an idea to a marketable service across numerous industry sectors.

Some of our customers have a keen interest in localization solutions, according to Claudius Noack, an IT consultant at LHIND who is actively involved in the deployments of Lufthansa Technik. We can now for the first time enable localization on a personal 5G campus in collaboration with ASOCS. We are eager to work with the ASOCS experts to develop a number of use cases that will be effective.

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