Electric Propulsion System for Aerospace Sector – joint venture from Embraer and Nidec Corporation

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The establishment of their mutual venture, Nidec Aerospace LLC, has received unqualified approval from all required regulatory authorities, according to announcements from Brazil’s Embraer and the Japanese company Nidec Corporation.

In order to create Electric Propulsion Systems ( EPS) for the aerospace industry, the transaction combines the complementary synergies and various fields of expertise of engineering conglomerates.

With fast effect, Vincent Braley, the head of staff for Nidec’s Motion and Drives division in the United States, has been named CEO of the company. In his new position as the joint venture’s potential growth leader, Bradley brings extensive experience in business development and management.

According to Michael Briggs, Senior Vice President and President of the Motion &amp, Energy Business Unit at Nidec, this approval “marks a major milestone not only in our shared venture to advance and electrify the way the world travels.” The Nidec Aerospace team is prepared to bring the knowledge, speed, and drive required to accelerate sustainable aviation on a global scale now that it has received formal approval to move forward.

” We are ecstatic about the unqualified clearance. The integration of these two strong administrative and engineering capabilities with a focus on business excellence will be the next step. According to Dimas Tomelin, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Digital and Innovation at Embraer, our incredible teams will be able to work together to create cutting-edge solutions that will contribute to the advancement of green aviation.

The business combination, which was unveiled in June at the Paris Air Show, aims to open up new possibilities by offering agnostic portfolios of goods and services from all over the world. This goal was initially sparked by the expansion of the Urban Air Mobility ( UAM ) sector.

According to Morgan Stanley Research, the UAM market is developing and could reach a market size of USD 1.5 trillion by 2040.

Eve Air Mobility, a manufacturer of eVTOL, will be the cooperative venture Electric Propulsion System’s launch customer.

Nidec will provide its expertise, technical know-how, and resources pertaining to electrical motors, while Embraer will contribute its knowledge, knowledge of how to use a controller. Embraer holds the remaining 49 % of the joint venture, while Nidec holds a 51 % share.

In the upcoming years, Nidec Aerospace is anticipated to invest more than USD 77 million to begin mass production in 2026.

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