Singapore: 14 new Smart City projects

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14 new joint Smart City projects are being launched by Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) and the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) with business partners in Shenzhen, China. Additionally, eight Shenzhen-based businesses have signed MoUs with Singapore’s MCI and IMDA.

The fresh initiatives “incorporate AI and build sustainability.”

Singapore: 14 new Smart City projects - IoT M2M Council

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration: Singapore-Shenzhen Smart City Projects Advance AI-driven Sustainability

China’s top center for smart city technology is Shenzhen, which is situated in Guandong and borders Hong Kong. A proper alliance has been formed between the city and Singapore. At the Fourth Singapore-China (Shenzhen) Smart City Initiative (SCI) Joint Implementation Commmittee (JIC) meeting, the joint projects and alliances were introduced.

Mr. Joseph Leong, the Singapore Permanent Secretary for Communications and Information, and a representative from the Taiwanese government co-chaired the Third SCI JIC meeting, which was held in Shenzhen.

Singapore and Shenzhen “share some complementarities given our focus on utilizing digital technologies for the common good and our openness to new ideas and talent” according to Mr. Joseph Leong, who continued “I have no doubt that the Smart City Initiative will continue to be a crucial tool for pursuing collaboration in forward-looking fields.”

Driving Innovation and Talent Exchange: Singapore-Shenzhen Joint Initiatives in Smart City Development

Among the MoUs signed, Keppel and PKU will collaborate to promote smart city development and management through the field of smart city temporal data analysis, and the training of talents in data science and big data technology.

Shenzhen Qianhai Smart City Cooperation and Innovation Business Park will be the subject of a development fund established by Capitaland Investment (China) in collaboration with Quiankai Service Group. In order to advance the creation of the Shenzhen-Singapore Qianhai Smart City Cooperative and Innovative Demonstration Park as well as the additional implementation of China and Singapore cooperation, the two parties will work together in important areas like online connectivity, talent exchange and development, technology cooperation and innovation, and cooperation demonstration zones.

On a number of projects involving the digitalization of IP drawing systems, electronic people marketing, and clever animation creation products, Hashmeta Pte Ltd and Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-painted Technology Culture Co., Ltd. will work together.

Pte. QuikBot Technologies The upcoming generation of automatic delivery devices and IoT devices will be co-developed by Ltd. and Shenzhen Intelligence Guardforce Robot Technology Co. LTD. The partnership aims to automate last-mile delivery, increase logistics effectiveness, cut costs, and improve customer experience.

Advancing Smart City Innovations: Collaborative Initiatives between Singapore and Shenzhen

The 14 brand-new cooperative ventures include:

  • To increase the effectiveness of e-commerce logistics, Crimson Logic- ABK Technology ( Shenzhen ) Co. Ltd. will create a cross-border trade logistics digital intelligence platform.
  • To create green operation systems and brilliant community applications, Keppel-Guangdong Provincial Public Service Intelligent Computing Laboratory will work with Peking University’s Shenzhen Graduate School.
  • The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) and the China-Singapore International Joint Research Institute have established a joint research center to advance renewable energy and optimize the energy supply chain.
  • Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen’s Singapore Rehabilitation Institute will create AI-driven supported living for individualized rehabilitation care.
  • To create AI algorithms for smart city applications and a platform that combines sensing, communication, computing, and control for unified swam intelligence, Nanyang Technological University and Sun Yat-sen University Shenzhen.
  • Fooyo- Olin Game Space (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. will create a cross-border tourism plugin that will allow foreign visitors to ShenZhen to seamlessly experience the city from content discovery to digital payment.
  • A world-renowned combat sports event will be hosted by ONE Championship (Singapore) Pte Ltd, the world’s top sports entertainment company, in an effort to jointly develop an intellectual property for an international sporting event with Shenzhen characteristics.
  • In response to Shenzhen Qianhai’s plan to establish itself as an international legal service center, Rajah Tann Singapore LLP has decided to set up its next representative office in China.
  • Singapore pte of EE Music To develop an AI-intelligent music metaverse participatory system for music production and education, Ltd.-Shenzhen Shenkun Technology Co. Ltd
  • The application of electronic individual technology for fresh marketing and promotion strategies will be promoted by Hashmeta Pte Ltd, Shenzhen Qianhai Hand-painted Technology and Culture Co. Ltd.
  • Momentum Works Pte Ltd- Shenzhen Qianhai International Talent Service Centre Co. Ltd. will support and facilitate the exchange of talent, business growth, and investment throughout Southeast Asia and above.
  • Singapore and modest and medium-sized business owners in China and South Asian nations will be encouraged to engage in business services, business training, and cultural exchanges through the National University of Singapore Business School-Shenzhen Bosum Management Science Research Institute Co. Ltd.
  • Through the Success Academy created by Singapore University of Social Sciences ( SUSS)- Shenzhen Bay Area Network Consulting Co., Ltd, SUAS seeks to foster talent and advance the growth of secondary education in the Greater Bay Region. The Success Academy will act as a crucial link between scientific and business partners in Singapore and China to forge alliances that will open up opportunities for both students and professionals to gain new learning experiences and real-world workplace training.
  • Shenzhen Intelligence Guardforce Robot Technology Co. Ltd. and QuikBot Technologies Pte Ltd will work together to co-develop a cutting-edge deep-tech logistics delivery system that makes use of robotoics, IoT, and cloud computing technologies. It aims to support the development of bright cities and address the difficulties associated with global logistics.

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